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Shoulder pain – annoying but curable with the right therapy

If any movement of the arms causes severe pain, the cause may lie in the shoulder joint. Whether, shoulder pain can thereby have very many causes, but which can be treated most successfully thanks to modern methods of therapy and experienced doctors due to injury, strain or wear.

Shoulder painThe greatest mobility, joint in the human body, the shoulder joint is not like many other joints stabilized by bone, but only by ligaments, tendons and muscles. An important role is played by the so-called rotator cuff, a muscle sheath, tendons connect the upper arm to the shoulder blade. The interplay of these muscles and tendons allows you to raise your arm and rotate so that almost any position can be achieved. However, this design principle makes the shoulder also very prone to problems when individual components of the complex shoulder joint can no longer fulfill their function. The reasons for this are besides injuries and wear and tear, accidental changes in the joint, misalignment, tension, congestion or inflammation. The result is no longer working smoothly shoulder joint, which is manifested by pain. The pain can occur both suddenly and insidiously. They can also occur depending on the cause of quite different places and at all different activities or movements. Not infrequently, patients have, even at night with shoulder pain when they are on the respective shoulder. In order to counteract a disease progression and the associated increase of the pain, early treatment is required.

First aid for acute pain.

If a sore shoulder makes everyday life unbearable or sleep robbed, need help quickly. For the relief of acute pain painkillers are primarily used for the back. Further measures are, however, depending on the cause of the pain. Thus, for example, stress-related shoulder pain by heat applications and ease of movement. In inflammatory processes refrigeration applications and immobilization, however, are in demand. If a restriction in the shoulder joint, called impingement syndrome, the cause of the pain is also a short-term decompression can relieve the pain. For this purpose, the hand should be pushed on the painful shoulder side under the buttocks and built by tilting the body to the other side of the train, which provides a decompression of the shoulder joint. A similar pain relief through voltage can be achieved using a Thera-bands at wrists and ankles.

Long-term therapy can relieve the pain permanently.

In the long term can shoulder pain almost always heal with conservative therapy. Depending on the cause plays not only relieves pain and inflammation, especially the physiotherapy with active exercises to strengthen the muscles a crucial role. Addition, however, heat or cold applications, manual therapies, chiropractic or acupuncture be used for treatment. Only if no improvement can be achieved in this way, operational measures are required.