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Simple tips for a sustainable flat stomach

A flat stomach is an important symbol of beauty and desirable not only in the bikini season. Especially if the cloudy weather puts pressure on mood, a good body feeling, gold can be worth it. To get to the coveted six-pack is actually not so difficult; all by itself but not also.

Flat stomachThe rectus abdominis muscle extends from the rib cage to the pelvis and is divided by several intermediate tendon. The so-called “six-pack” is therefore not a graduation of six different abdominal muscles, but rather consists of a single multiply curved muscle. Abdominal and back muscles are natural enemies, so that can prevent a strong abdominal muscles. Conversely, an upright posture is already a natural training on the way to washboard. By walking upright abdominal muscle is constantly stressed and is hidden in many people only under fat pads. A restrictive diet is therefore the first step towards to a flat stomach.

Keep attitude!

  • Make whenever possible, on a straight posture. If you work a lot in a sitting position, you should be between every now and again stretch well, and make sure to take back the shoulders. A hollow back has nothing to do with a strong abdominal muscles. Perhaps it may feel temporarily relaxed, but is poison for a healthy back and abdominal muscles. Because of the rectus abdominis is responsible for trunk flexion, and he is not trained in the hollow back.
  • Sports that require the entire body strong, automatically the abdominal muscle. Jogging, swimming and aerobics, as well as tight walks upright come against the natural function of the abdominal muscles.
  • Targeted training sessions such as the so-called sit-ups are good for strengthening the lower abdominal muscles. But are “push aways” most recommended for a clearly visible six pack. Especially at night has become the “push away from the dining table” proved to be successful in the long term.