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Spring fever – all a matter of hormones?

Hardly nature awakens from its winter sleep, make spring scent, light and warmer temperatures in humans in a good mood and a new impetus. But what causes these changes in the human body, are commonly referred to as spring fever?

Spring feverFor a long time, researchers are examining the biological background of spring fever. Since this is however not a disease, there are hardly any scientific studies on the influence of spring on the human organism. However, this does not change the fact that people feel more comfortable and more vital with the beginning of spring. Cause seem to be both psychological factors and environmental influences here. While bloom in early spring no flowers, but the ground is fragrant with the first warm rays of sunshine after rotting leaves, moss and earth, a scent that evokes memories of the now soon-coming blooms in the human brain. But memories of the spring are just one factor. Decisive factors have also seasonal hormonal changes. But that’s not the sex hormones are meant because they are subject in modern civilization with pill, Tungsten and central heating is no longer the seasonal changes. Rather, weight appear to have the hormones that the body adapt to the changing day and night rhythm here.

Spring – high season for happiness hormones.

An important role in the onset of spring fever case has the pineal gland, a small organ located in the diencephalon, which is responsible for the formation of melatonin. General Melatonin is a sleep hormone known, because it ensures fatigue and thus has a decisive influence on the sleep-wake rhythm of the body. Since melatonin is produced only in the dark, it is mainly used in winter to increased production, which makes you sleepy and sluggish. When the days get longer and brighter but, decreases the production of melatonin and the body changes its sleep and wake rhythm. At the same bright light stimulates the production of the happiness hormone serotonin to, the natural enemies of melatonin, and the people are upbeat and cheerful. With decreasing melatonin concentration also increases the sexual excitability, because the hormone does not only sleep, but also inhibits the appetite. In addition, in the spring seems the thyroid hormone to increase their production, so that the body active and less sensitive to cold responding.

Hormones are not everything.

In addition to the hormonal changes naturally induce visual stimulation, especially in spring for flirting. After a long period in which people had to wrap up with thick coats, scarves and hats against the cold, the imagination is again stimulated by deep necklines and short skirts now. Since no spring-related increase of sex hormones is more then necessary so that butterflies fluttering in my stomach and kuschelnde couple on park benches for Spring everyday.