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Stay healthy – protect yourself from the flu!

Easy and Fun against viruses

Dopey! During the winter months flu and common colds are booming. If caught yourself with clapboard, scratchy throat and heavy limbs through the day. Then why so many people fall ill, has several reasons. On the one hand the cold season extended the infectivity of the virus, on the other hand the public transport system are clearly full. Tightly sitting people create situation when the viruses have an easy time finding a victim.Flu

Another factor is that the body in the cold slows the blood flow in the nose and throat to prevent heat loss. Thereby, the blood vessels are not quickly pull together enough if you come from a heated room to fresh air. The result: the defensive front in the mucous membranes is full of holes, the immune system is weakened.

Flu is not the same as genuine flu.

Medically there is a distinction between the flu and a genuine flu. The two diseases are easily distinguished. A flu infection usually begins two to three days after infection. Only a runny nose, then will be added to body aches, chills, and sometimes headache.

A real flu, also called influenza runs, quite different from: Almost from one moment to the next, there is high fever, body aches and extreme dullness.

There’s something in the air.

The more than 200 known cold viruses do not have their own metabolism. To survive, they embed themselves in foreign cells, where they multiply at a fast rate. From then there is risk of infection for others.

„The pathogens are spread primarily through droplet infection, and how great is the radius: With a single infected people sneeze can release thousands of viruses. They fly about 160 kilometers per hour up to four meters in the environment and remain in the air until they are inhaled by another person. A mouth guard, as he is part of the everyday street scene in Japan, would be very useful.“

Another source of infection is the transfer manually. Whether on doorknobs, filler neck, cart or stair railings: viruses can survive on surfaces for up to four hours. Whoever touches them and then, for example, rubbing the nose, can become infected. These already suffice ten viruses. For comparison: In a pin peak fit around 50,000 pieces. Against infection via the hands protects regular hand washing.

Rest and sleep would be most helpful.

Once infected, there is unfortunately still no way to do something about a disease. If you have caught ones, it is very important to the body to treat with a lot of rest.

In order to alleviate the symptoms a little, you could also have recourse to steam inhalations and nasal drops from the pharmacy. “That leaves at least one sleep better. At elevated temperature from 38.5 degrees Celsius can also take antipyretics.

So you can protect yourself.

Against the real flu can get vaccinated. Before the flu protects a fit immune system. An important role is played by the diet. Minerals like zinc, selenium and iron doping for the immune system. Zinc is abundant in cheese, eggs, meat and nuts, selenium in nuts, fish and vegetables.As sources of iron are soy, lentils, beans and dried fruit are. In a healthy diet also includes fennel, liver and carrots. They provide vitamin A and beta-carotene. The important B vitamins stuck in potatoes, fish and bananas.

Good for the body’s defenses are also saunas. Studies show that 78 percent of all regular sauna-goers remain spared from infection. An equally good effect have hot-cold contrast showers. Regular moderate exercise brings the immune cells also on their toes.

No joke: Even laughter suggests viruses to flight. Scientists at Stanford University in the US have demonstrated that hearty laughter stimulates the production of endogenous defense substances. Another immune Turbo is sex. The scientists have found the University of Essen.