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Summer Flu

In agonizing summer flu nobody wants. In the hot season, therefore prevention is particularly important, as it can be in many cases such a bad cold for disease and prevent on vacation or at least easier to cure.

Summer FluA summer flu is almost always caused by viruses cause. A summer flu provides  also because of their terminology often misunderstandings. With the real flu, which also causes by viruses, forcing patients for weeks to bed, it has nothing to do. In the summer flu is indeed a flu, a severe cold, which is transmitted by droplet infection.

Help with a summer flu.

A bad cold on warm days is a particular burden. While cool air in winter can bring a little relief, enhances the warm summer air the symptoms. It is therefore important to respond as early as possible. The classic signs are not different from those of a typical cold. From the first scratchy throat, natural supplements shorten the course positively and support the immune defense. Sore throat gargling with sage and chamomile tea is useful and recommended. Occurs fever, bed rest is paramount. Regular ventilation of the rooms is important. Patients should also drink plenty of water and check for light fare. Instead of fast food and sweets vegetable soups and salads are just right. Nonetheless on hot days with sore throat against a water ice objection. Children in particular be comforted so easily.

Reduce vulnerability.

Depending weakened the immune system, the greater the risk of infection. Who wants to strengthen his immune system should avoid stress or ensure early for compensation. A balanced diet is important, as well as a healthy level of physical activity. Endurance sports in the fresh air are particularly well suited. But also hiking and cycling help in the prevention. If you drive to southern countries on holiday, keep in mind that the risk is slightly higher here for the summer flu. The increased risk begins with the ride in the car at the resort. The air conditioning in the vehicle loaded to mucous membranes and increases susceptibility. And also at the resort itself is a risk of summer flu is given. This is partly due to the climate, but on the other hand to the unknown foods which may weaken the digestive tract. It is therefore useful to treat yourself in the first few days on vacation rest to avoid crowds and to eat healthy. A preventive vaccination is not possible.