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Symptoms of depression

The opposite of joy is not sorrow but emptiness. If nothing more fun or interest awakens, one constantly feels exhausted and the idea of ever being happy again, is infinitely far away, you have met all the typical symptoms of a depressive disorder and should be treated quickly.

DepressionThe diagnosis of depression is sometimes not easy. Besides the typical Symptoms of depression many more and sometimes even have the opposite feelings occur. Often depression with insomnia, difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite and fatigue is accompanied. It sometimes it comes to weight gain and a senseless zest. Other psychological abnormalities such as anxiety or hypochondria can be added. Particularly difficult is when happens the so-called masked depression. In this case, contact diffuse physical pain in the place of the actual disease. However, common to all forms of lasting impression of a deep insensitivity and inability to perceive themselves as special people and ask question if life as worth living, which often leads to suicide attempts. But you should not hesitate to imagine a doctor or psychiatrist.

Guided ways out of the darkness.

The treatment of depression depends on its severity. Mild depression, it’s in which the person concerned can at least cheer briefly, often respond well to psychotherapy. Other methods are gentle light therapy, sleep deprivation, sports and a regular daily routine. For moderate and severe depression, where such persons are often overwhelmed by everyday things, in addition antidepressants are considered the drug of choice. These drugs interfere and improve the changes among depressed brain metabolism especially by its effect on the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, the being. Severe progressive forms include circumstances in patient treatment, where medical and psychological therapy are firmly interlocked. As with any serious illness, that treatment is more successful the earlier the person seek professional help takes.