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Teeth: often hidden cause of many diseases

Rheumatism, allergies, migraines, eye disease, pain paranasal testicular , gastrointestinal complaints, cardiovascular disorders, concentration increase, a unfulfilled fertility are just a few of many health authorizations can their digestion are in our mouth.Theeth

Teeth: an important part of the entire body system.

The links between health problems and the health of our mouth and jaw area has been demonstrated in many cases in practice: often complaints for tooth inflammation, dead teeth, harmful amalgam and plastic fillings or residues were of dental procedures from harmful substances responsible for general health.

The connection with teeth and complaints to organs that will be removed from our mouths at the moment comprehensible by we will clear about it that we make a connection end system in our body. Teeth, gums, jaw and the fabric did our jaw and mouth area enveloped: These parts of our organism are biologically connected networks through the extensive nerve and blood vessels with remaining body systems. Especially disastrous for the holistic health are the bacteria that colonize in dead teeth and no oxygen for propagating need (anaerobic bacteria). You get into the bloodstream and are distributed in this way in the body where they can attack any organs. The inflammation caused as a result of this process can draw lots various ailments such as Joint and muscle pain, disorders of the intestine, the nervous system and immune system authorizations, development of allergic reactions and much more.

The hidden cause of allergy, for chronic fatigue syndrome, burnout or disorders in the nervous system can also occur from the amalgam intolerance. The pristine amalgam fillings can prevent successful treatment of these diseases and make them chronic. Not infrequently, the cases where only after many years of misdiagnosis and failed treatments, the correct diagnosis for a chronic complaint by a dentist has drawn added a patient chosen by lot from his suffering.

Holistic dentists are sounding the alarm: “already 70% of all diseases of internal organs due to bad teeth”.

For these reasons, currently strengthened pleads rightly from the scene of holistic medicine for a closer collaboration between doctors and dentist. This realization is the diagnostic procedure in the doctor’s offices thoroughly reform by doctors to work more closely with dentist what also during prolonged stay phases should be practiced in hospitals.

We want you aware of the holistic meaning of your teeth and suggest all precaution following:

  • Dental infections, dental filling intolerances, residues from dental procedures done do not always noticeable in the mouth – and other symptoms can be point of it.
  • If difficulties occur, you get not only a doctor’s help: a lot more you can make a dental check-up and select Primarily for a holistic doctor and dentist.