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The best protection for the skin in cold weather

The skin needs not only to support heat. Even cold can harm her. The skin dries out and becomes cracked. At worst, even threatening infections. Cold protection for the skin should be elementary and see the cold season in the outdoors into account.

Protection for the skinCold air is stress for the skin. The facial skin is particularly vulnerable, but also on the hands is the contact with freezing outside not unscathed. Particularly strong is the load when the constant change between the cold outside air, icy winds and overheated rooms added. Reason is the loss of moisture, which can first appear the skin dry and finally parchments. Finally, it can be painful tear. Poorly healing wounds are the result. One reason is that the strong variations in skin temperature also remove moisture. This makes them more vulnerable and slows their ability to regenerate.

Best protection for the skin.

Dry skin is most at risk for damage in the winter time. She needs a comprehensive care to not constantly stressed out and act too dry. The care starts but not when you leave the house, but in the morning with personal hygiene. Soaps for cleaning but less sense. Instead, cleaning compositions are having a pH value which corresponds approximately to the skin 5 is a suitable value. It is then advisable to nourish the skin with lipid-containing creams. The skin care products of summer are now less suitable. In addition, the skin type needs to be taken into account. Very dry skin may be creamed several times a day. Then protect them from leaving the house with the grease cream and put in the car is not equal to the heating to the highest level, so the skin stays smoother. Humidifier in the room can also help proactively to prevent the skin from drying in the house.

Treat skin damage in the winter right.

Many people are particularly sensitive when the temperatures drop on your hands. Cracking of the skin is then not uncommon. Who is prone to skin conditions, often noticed a deterioration in the cold season: The hand cream that brings quick relief in the summer, barely shows in the winter effect. Reasons for the changes of the skin, there are many, but here is the dry air that the skin absorbs the suppleness, in the first place. Then you will just have to be supplied from outside moisture. Since men’s skin is thicker and the sebaceous glands are hormone dependent active by testosterone, women are affected by dry skin rather.