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The most important tips on pregnancy in high summer

When announcing offspring, the joy is large and fast start planning for the future. With the growing life but so do the changes of the body. And that can be very stressful in midsummer. No later than the end of the pregnancy also ask questions about dietary supplements and general behavior.

Pregnant womanA pregnancy is not only anticipation. The female body makes hard work, the hormonal status adapts and so offers the young life the best environment so that it can grow and develop. The necessary nutrients provides the mother who must certainly not eat for two, but should pay attention to a balanced diet. In most women face at the latest during the third trimester a significant limitations, because the baby displaces the organs and can press on vessels.

The pregnancy in high summer.

Water retention are not uncommon, especially at the end of pregnancy. You are stressful for the pregnant woman, the weight drive in addition to the amount, reduce the motility and insecure. However, there is rarely a cause for concern. The midwife is in this phase for most women, the most important contact. Top tips on pregnancy for water retention are:

  • Legs in between highland
  • Remove rings
  • Drink enough
  • Gently move

Water retention can occur early in pregnancy. However, it is important not to dehydrate without medical advice. Also a very low salt lifestyle is not recommended. Contrast baths can help relieve the symptoms. The body comes to rest and put the pregnant woman’s legs high, the legs usually swell rapidly. Therefore, it may also be useful to store the legs at night a little higher, while lying on your back is possible.

Eating for two?

Of course takes a wife during pregnancy becoming, as the baby weighs. As long as the diet is balanced, there is no reason to go against. The typical preference for certain flavors make it difficult for some pregnant women, with restraint. Enough fruits and vegetables are important, but raw meat is not allowed, as well as alcohol and nicotine. Dietary supplements can be taken supportive, especially when the dietary habits change significantly during pregnancy. For chronic conditions, their use can be very useful. This is such. As in pregnant women is the case, suffering from diabetes and may suffer from an increased excretion of water to an insufficient supply of minerals and vitamins. Have to be supplied in most cases, also iron and folic acid. The iron levels is to regularly inspected by the supervising gynecologist. The compensation of the lack succeed with herbs blood without the typical side effects, such as may occur in chemical preparations. Here, the doctor’s advice is crucial.