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The wonderful world of Sage

The true sage, Salvia Officinalis in Latin, is estimated as a medicinal plant since ancient times due to its diverse effects. Meanwhile, many of the sage awarded properties are scientifically proven, so that its agents are available in a variety of dosage forms. The simplest type of preparation is a tea made from the leaves of the plant.

SageThe Latin name of the sage, Salvia, is derived from the word for “salvare” – heal. As a medicinal plant of the true sage exist in different substance, like different essential oils, oinments, has the ability of tannins. Sage is particularly appreciated for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It helps with sore throat, and stomach discomfort. Also it can be used due to its vasoconstrictive properties against excessive sweating.

Prepare sage tea right, but how? The extracted active ingredients of sage comes in the form of oils, capsules, candies, tinctures and much more to buy. The gentlest type of preparation is a simple tea infusion, which may be made of dried or fresh sage leaves. About two teaspoons finely chopped leaves are doused with almost boiling water(80-90 degrees), cover and brew for 10 minutes. The filtered liquid can then be used either like chilled or hot drink. As a mouthwash cold sage tea acts as a disinfectant.  But if you want take full benefits of Sage you must remember that the only real sage has a has high concentrations of active ingredients. Meanwhile the resident in this country, meadow sage, is virtually ineffective.