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Throat pain: Causes, prevention and rapid assistance

Colds announce themselves in many people with unpleasant scratching and discomfort in the throat. Frequently, this symptom is a consequence of cold, wet feet and a sign that cold bacteria and viruses have struck. Whether and to help home remedies which depends on the cause.

Throat pain

Sore throat is a symptom, not a disease for themselves. The cause may be a virus, flu, or even may cause a runny nose, usually a bacterial tonsillitis, excessively long stay in nicotine-saturated or dry air or cooling down by draft. When combined with a sore throat, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, and high fever it is high time to see a doctor. As a rule, namely announced as a respiratory infection, which goes beyond an annoying but harmless cold. Flu, throat or even pneumonia are then possibly coming. Caution must be exercised when the lymph nodes in the neck swollen and mucous membranes are very red in the throat. In acute fever sufferers should avoid principle in cold, wet conditions on sports or exercise.

Preventive measures against sore throat.

Heating or air conditioning to dry the air breathed out heavily. This in turn makes the mucous membranes vulnerable to cold pathogen. Container with water to the radiators or humidifiers help. Regular exercise outdoors in all weather training the immune system, wearing warm shawls or scarves protect against cold and drafts. Against cooling down with sore throat episodes often help already warm socks. An adequate hydration throughout the day prevents the painful sore throats both in air-conditioned offices, as well as, for example, on long-haul flights. The mucous membranes remain moist and better blood circulation. And no matter whether any active ingredients are present to suck sweets stimulates the production of saliva and keeps the mucous membranes intact.

Quick remedies for sore throat.

If one is attacked despite all the precautions of neck complaints, which can alleviate the annoying symptoms by various means.

  • Warm Wrap: A damp cloth or towel moistened with warm water, a few drops of an essential oil to often work wonders. The wrap is additionally covered with a dry towel or scarf to keep the heat for long.
  • Medicinal teas for colds do with their disinfectant and soothing effect and the strep throat good. For example, they include sage, thyme, mallow or marshmallow.
  • Throat lozenges honey-based or active ingredients from Iceland moss, sage or plantain maintain the mucous membranes, relieve pain and inflammation scratching.
  • It is also helpful gargle with plain salt water, chamomile or sage infusion. Something like chamomile have a strong astringent, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Throat sprays with antiseptic agents help against acute inflammation in the throat. They penetrate deep into the throat. Are contain substances such as hexetidine, attention must be paid to the compatibility.