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Through balanced and appropriate nutrition to optimal animal health

A new trend proves itself gradually among pet owners. We show increasing awareness of healthy food for our animal companions while never running costs. After “Packaged Facts”, a market research firm in the United States, the sale of natural animal feed will exceed total revenues for the rest of the pet food far within five years.Animal health

Some reasons why we should be even with the diet more quality:

  • The problem of environmental and food pollution affects your buying decisions than conscious pet owners.
  • Food allergies can also occur in our pets: in such cases, one should pay attention to a special food.
  • Other special features, such as young or old age of our four-legged imply the need to read diet.
  • Continuation of biological trends in human nutrition: the movement toward more natural and organic foods.

Food is the foundation for optimal health of all animals.

Your dog or cat has a need for healthy, good food just like you. Living food are simple raw foods, in which the natural enzymes that are needed for proper digestion, were not heated or otherwise made unusable. These enzymes provide the energy and vitality of healthy foods directly. The cooking or heating robs food of vitamins and minerals. The best food you can send your pet is when you at home and preparing food or even cold pressing food that has not been heated feed.

Be critical in to the animal feed from advertising.

When it comes to buying prepared food for your dog or cat, it is very important not to transfer the nutritional trends that make us humans in our diet on the pet food. For your four-legged companion apply completely different diet factors that must be followed during the production of animal feed. Manufacturers of pet food, it is quite aware that the animal does not decide what it gets as food, but what is in turn used marketing technically sent. It used the same keywords that you. Also in the advertising of human food.

There is no need for special gluten-free pet food.

Gluten is found in grains and grains are not a natural biological ingredient of dog and cat foods. Therefore, gluten-free animal feed could be a healthy alternative! In fact, too much grain is in animal feed the source of a variety diseases and health problems, including allergies, obesity, digestive problems and other serious diseases.

Your pet is unique – you feed it unique.

  • Your pet is an individual … and it is the recommendation to set up an individual nutrition plan for your pet with its unique physiology, together with a holistic working veterinarian/animal healers or a dietitian for dogs.
  • Your companion grows and matures … there are lifestyle changes and challenges, and the animal gets older. That is why it makes sense to adapt the respective dietary requirements the diet and to re-evaluate.

Recommendations when feeding with commercial feed.

  • Find out using the labels on the ingredients and the quality of different brands.
  • Do not let this task does not remove it from pet food and marketing companies who want to sell you a particular kind of food.
  • Do not dictate your choice of what your dog or cat likes to eat. Often find “attractants” their use, so that the cat or the dog likes to eat the food. Given the choice, most animals will eat animal “junk food”.
  • Decision-makers from the manufacturers of pet food are well aware and know what they have to attach their food to build the addiction of your animal to a particular brand. Therefore, taking a closer look at food sources and the advice is so important.

Species-appropriate finished food versus organic home-cooked food to help animal health.

As mentioned, each pet has a specific nutritional physiological requirement. A good reason to give you a list of species-appropriate ingredients for a nutritious animal feed:

  • High quality protein from animal muscle tissue , not pieces/parts or by-products of animals.
  • Moderate levels of animal fats and high proportion of EPA/DHA (essential fatty acids)
  • Higher moisture content.
  • Note, there are no mention of “low fat” or “whole grain”. These are marketing buzzwords that will only be used to guide the consumer to purchase.
  • There are no problems with organic or holistic ingredients in pet food, as long as the diet appropriate to the species and balanced is primarily.