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Tips to enjoy the spring in pollen allergy season for sufferers

Every year begins with spring awakening for pollen allergy sufferers the time when sneezing and watery, itchy eyes affect everyday life. Cause the onset of pollen of different flowers, individuals are allergic to. But as allergic, you do not spend in their own homes in the spring.

Pollen allergyFor almost one in five Americans with the word spring not the pleasure of sun in the wild connected, but rather a runny or stuffy nose and red eyes and itching throughout the nasopharyngeal area. The signs of hay fever often rely ever before it is really spring, because the heyday of many allergenic trees and shrubs starts earlier and earlier in our latitudes. In addition, many patients do not respond to only one type of pollen, but several, which usually also occur at different times. For weeks, then not only the hard work, study or sleep, but every stay outdoors becomes a torment.

Tips for pollen allergy sufferers.

Theoretically, avoid pollen allergy, by waiving any contact with the corresponding allergens. In reality, however, is almost impossible. Therefore, you should try to limit contact to a minimum by:

  • Air in the city’s best in the morning, as the pollen levels in the air is at its lowest. In the countryside, however, it is the other way around, so better ventilate the evening.
  • Do not dry laundry outside.
  • Before going to bed wash your hair every day, as set here the pollen particularly.
  • Not accept worn street clothes into the bedroom.
  • Bed linen during the pollen season frequently washing.
  • Use vacuum cleaner with special pollen filter.
  • Help pollen bars on the windows, shut out the pollen out of the apartment.
  • Will wipe furniture and window sills humid, because the pollen just kicked up dust mopping and not removed.
  • Wearing sunglasses outdoors can reduce eye strain by pollen.
  • Sports and outdoor walks best only at or immediately after rain days.
  • Use pollen calendar.
  • Vote holiday season and holiday resort on the pollen.
  • Car equipped with pollen filter.

Additional treatment makes life easier and protects against effects.

Even if you follow all the tips, you can not always protect and everywhere the allergy-causing pollen itself. Moreover, in an untreated allergy increases the risk for the development of allergic asthma with a so-called change of stage and for the creation of additional allergies. Therefore, a pollen allergy should always be treated. In addition to desensitization, which is currently the only cause-related treatment method available, there are several medications such as antihistamines or cortisone preparations which can be used specifically for the relief of various symptoms.