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What causes sweaty feet and what do to prevent this?

Almost one in three American knows the problem: unpleasant smelling sweaty feet. Rarely, however, are due sweaty feet really morbid and excessive sweating. In most of cases reason is incorrect or insufficient foot hygiene. Of the unpleasant odor suffering surrounding, it’s become embarrassing and annoying for all.

Sweaty feetBasically foot perspiration is quite normal because it is the sole part of body of body which has a large number of sweat glands. However, is initially the sweat produced odorless. Only when he gets in contact with the bacteria and other microorganisms on skin, it is decomposed by them in unpleasant-smelling substances. Particularly well these microorganisms thrive in the humid environment such as exists in tight, impermeable socks. This also means that the foot sweat is not the real problem, but result rather the environment and therefore the foot hygiene. For a poor foot hygiene can however easily do something.

Simple Tips for sweaty feet.

Wash your feet at least once a day, rinse and dry.

In this case, the spaces between the toes should not be forgotten, because here keeps moisture particularly long and so provides bacterial and fungal optimal conditions. In addition, foot baths can help to eliminate the unpleasant odor and simultaneously maintain the feet.

Change socks and shoes every day.

Because just shoes and socks absorb and store the unpleasant smell of sweat, then the only consistent change here. An additional option offer special insoles absorb sweat and make an antibacterial effect by the odor-causing organisms harmless.

Foot cream, deodorant and Co.

In addition to daily washing the feet are also a number of foot creams, deodorants and powders available that eliminate the unpleasant odor and inhibit the production of sweat..

Seek for professional pedicure.

Also superfluous cornea and unkempt toenails provide optimal habitat for the odor-causing microorganisms. Can be helpful consultation podiatrist with proper foot care.

However, if these simple measures are unsuccessful or suffering is too great, possibly the dermatologist can help, for example.