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What helps against the cornea?

Cornea is considered beautiful. It also feels hard and cracked and is prone to injury. There are so many reasons to eliminate them and prevent their reappearance after.

Helps against the corneaWhy in the formation of the cornea, is known to most people. Finally, it is found where the skin is especially vulnerable. This is clearly visible in the hands of all the people who work physically. But the feet are ideal for the development of the cornea. This thickened skin, the body protects primarily against pressure and friction. Since this skin is not supplied with blood, it dries quickly however. It is supported even thicker, they may tear. This is not only very painful, there is also the danger that germs invade and cause inflammation. Even so it is important to ensure appropriate that the cornea does not thicken excessively. Effective cornea reduction and immediately noticeable care are no longer competing but comfortable with appropriate products easy to use. With fruit acids and shea butter as active ingredients Herbacin Foot Care Foot Cream 3.4 fl oz, for example, has proven intensive. Despite the meaty content attracts a very fast and not greasy.

Remove calluses safely.

The cornea is not too thick, it can always easily remove yourself. Knives are however unsuitable for, because the injury and infection risk is much too high. Whosoever therefore the correct procedure is not safe or can reach the affected area is not good, you can go to a podiatrist. In all other cases, it is important that the skin initially somewhat soften. These hot water is sufficient. With skin-friendly additives from the pharmacy can easily accelerate the action. The skin is then rubbed with a pumice stone. Diligent and slowly work is important. For home use, simple, gentle and effective is the hard skin with the new Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot Callus File. The device is moved in a circular on the dead skin, excess cornea is removed easily and the feet will feel becomes smooth and supple.

Prevent the development of corneal.

With age, the formation of the cornea increases. It therefore makes sense to pay special attention to the feet. This begins with the selection of shoes. Only when they are seated, the emergence of the cornea can be prevented. This is true not only for the width, but also for the sole. A padded insole can relieve the highly stressed skin. Other preventive measures include:

  • Regular exfoliation of the skin
  • Care with moisturizing creams specifically for the feet or hands
  • Respond at the first sign
  • Watch accordance suitable footwear material; Avoid tight shoes and bruises