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What is standing behind rashes?

Sometimes it occur suddenly and sometimes it develops over days. The speech is medically referred to rashes, as rash. But that’s not the flushed cheeks after a walk or hectic spots on the face are indicate stress, but real skin rashes that are characterized by certain skin lesions.

RashAs the largest organ of the human body, the skin reacts to a variety of internal and external factors change. Often, already the shape of the lesion it is the first indications of possible triggers and causes. However, these lesions or lesions may change over time as well. Therefore, a distinction is made between the primary and the later occurring following secondary lesions.

In the course of these changes can propagate or scaly or moist eczema, scabs, develop extensively raised lesions, ulcers, and skin soft tissue defects. Depending on the cause of skin rashes may also accompanying symptoms such as itching, pain and/or fever occur.

What are the most common causes of skin rashes?

In addition to allergies are, especially, viruses, bacteria, skin disorders and drugs cause of skin rashes. The causes are not always easy to find, because sometimes is the contact with the triggers happend back for some time. The easiest way get the rash from classic childhood diseases such as chicken pox, measles, rubella, scarlet to diagnose which are caused by viruses or bacteria. But also infectious and noninfectious diseases are characterized by typical skin rashes. These include eczema, psoriasis and acne but also infectious diseases such as impetigo, scabies or fungal infections. In addition symptoms of an allergic reaction can be triggered by contact with aggressive, toxic substances. It should also be remembered that medications such as antibiotics or mental stress can be cause of skin rashes. Less common cause are the of autoimmune diseases of the skin, vascular inflammation, or other systemic diseases behind the often unpleasant and debilitating skin rashes.