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What vaccinations are recommended?

Flu shots are, especially in winter, on everyone’s lips. The other vaccines are too often neglected, because who would conceive that the vaccination in childhood against tetanus, diphtheria and Co. is not effective indefinitely?


In the fight against dangerous pathogens today a variety of vaccines available that represent one of the most important and effective measures for the prevention of infectious diseases. We recommend consult with doctor about the type and number of vaccinations, and it is better to start early as infancy. As in US, however, no vaccination exists, parents can decide together with the attending pediatrician about any vaccination itself. Basically, however, a dose from the second month of life against tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough and hemo influenza type B is possible.In addition, in this age also be vaccinated against polio, hepatitis B and pneumococcal. The aforementioned pathogens primary immunization always occurs in up to 4 separate injections. With 11 to 14 months, guests vaccination against mumps, measles, rubella, and chickenpox and meningococcal C is recommended, which takes place in two separate injections and completes the primary vaccination in infants or toddlers age.

Refresh and catch up at any time.

While some vaccinations lasts a lifetime, some of them must refreshed once or even regularly with other pathogens, such as tetanus and diphtheria every 10 years. In addition, of course, must be complemented with appropriate vaccinations to catch a partial primary vaccination in children at any time. Other vaccinations are necessary, however, only in adolescence or adulthood. Thus, young girls can protect, for example by an HPV vaccination against human papillomavirus, which is regarded as the triggers for cervical cancer. With age also may be useful also an annual flu vaccination. In addition, you should be informed when traveling, especially in Non-European countries, about the appropriate vaccinations but other than those listed vaccinations usually not covered by the health insurance company.