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What you can do for the health of heart

The heart pumps per minute about 5 liters of blood through the circulatory system, providing tissue and organs with vital nutrients. No other organ is so important for survival.But the heart is also susceptible to a number of diseases, which are favored by different risk factors.

Health of heartWhile you can live with one lung, kidney or a defective liver, broken heart is appear serious threat to the existence. This is reflected in the fact that in spite of modern medicine, heart still exposed cardiovascular diseases and this is the leading cause of death worldwide. These are mainly pathological changes of the coronary arteries due to vascular deposits, known as atherosclerosis, and heart attacks thereby, lead to death. As the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease apply high blood fat levels, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. These, so-called, metabolic syndrome in combination timer set according to doctors opinion are the biggest threat for heart health. However, in addition to uncontrollable factors, such as, age, gender, or a genetic predisposition and modifiable factors, such as, diet, stress, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking play a role.

Healthy eating for your heart.

Meanwhile, there is proof that diet has a decisive influence on the development of cardiovascular disease. Thus, for example, unhealthy fats and cholesterol promote atherosclerosis. However, risk factors for high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity depends largely with the diet and can be favorably influenced by a heart-healthy. Therefore, the focus should be on a balanced and varied diet, which mainly contains low calories and also nutrient-dense foods in addition to lots of fruits and vegetables. Total possible 1 to 2 times per week – fish and maximum 2 or 3 times lean meat should be eaten. For the preparation thereby is best suited boiling, steaming and gentle grilling with olive oil. In addition, care should be taken with other foods such as dairy products to low fat versions.In addition to the food, body also needs liquid which is best fed by water, diluted fruit juices and unsweetened herbal and fruit infusions.About 2 to 2.5 liters, it may be in the day when no diseases, such as the kidneys or the heart.Salt-sensitive individuals should limit the intake of sodium chloride to 6 g per day.

More tips for a healthy heart.

In addition to the diet for a healthy heart motion, still important regular exercise, which can not only effectively lower blood pressure, but also reduce overweight and slow down the formation of vascular deposits. Also important:

  • Alcohol only in moderation, what about the case of wine, best wine corresponds to 125 ml and 250 ml in women, or with men a pint of beer
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce stress
  • Perform regular health checks.