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When it gets chilly, you need special protection for hands

As our skin in winter is drier than summer, she needs more intensive care during the cold season. This is especially true on the skin of the hands, which is very straight claimed in freezing temperatures.

Protection handThe regular care of the hands contributes not only to their own well-being, but also keeps the skin healthy and strengthens its resistance forces. Because the skin of the hands is hardly equipped to a very thin and another with sebaceous glands, it quickly feels dry and stressed. The alternation between frosty air and warm indoors in winter not only reinforces this unpleasant feeling, but overused hands on one, in our latitudes, long time. Whether for the care and protection of hands in winter creams, ointments or lotions are used , depends both on the individual needs of the skin and of the hardships faced by the hands.

When are cream, ointment or lotion?

If you want to leave between benefit only a small care thrust his hands without having to rub the care only longer, it is best to use a light lotion that little greasy and quickly absorbed. Lotions are easy to apply, take the skin quickly the tension and give her a very slight protection. Creams are emulsions, which are indeed fat and thus creamy lotions, but also be well spread on the skin – depending on the product. How quickly they recover depends on the particular product. Oil in water emulsions are less fatty and are quickly absorbed by the skin, whereas water-in-oil emulsions are rather fat and need to be massaged into the skin of the hands. Ointments are very rich and contain little or no water. They are well suited for greasing for a longer stay in the cold, since they remain as a protective layer on the skin and keep your hands safe from drying out.

Dry skin needs more intensive care.

Everyone should send his hands special care and attention in the winter regardless of what type of skin they have. Who but generally tends to dry skin, should cultivate his hands in winter by a good hand cream and especially to protect. For just dry skin reacts in the winter due to cold and dry, heated air is particularly sensitive, prone to itching and tightness and sometimes even eczema and dandruff. Creams containing urea or hyaluronic here permanently take the tension and allow the thin skin of the hands to save them in the cream zuführte moisture for a longer period. A gentle massage of the hands when applying lotion promotes blood circulation and accelerates the absorption of the cream.

Make youre protection for hands in winter better with us!