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Why Yoga reduces stress?

The yoga can reduce stress symptoms effectively. It has been proved by many studies. A new study now provides evidence of why this is so.Yoga

Earlier this year, researchers have shown to Dr. Helen Lavretsky from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in a study that a particular mixture of yoga and meditation, which is used every day for a few minutes, can reduce stress effectively. The study involved 45 people who participated. The researchers have now found an explanation why the yoga meditation led to a reduction of stress symptoms.

Study participants were initially divided into two groups. The members of one group turned over eight weeks of daily 12 minutes relaxation technique to be joined together in meditation, yoga and singing. The other group should just rest in this time while listening to relaxing music. For all participants, blood samples were at the beginning and end of the study period taken.

Yoga changed activity of specific genes.

It was found that could be reduced by the yoga exercises inflammatory activities, as they often occur during stress. In addition, it could be shown, that the activity of certain genes, that are responsible for the regulation of the immune system, has been changed. This change could be brought directly in connection with the reduction of inflammatory activity. It was demonstrated, that certain meditation techniques can make influence externally visible stress symptoms, such as blood pressure or cortisol levels not only positive, but also can lead to cellular and genetic level changes.

People who maintain a Dementia family member, often suffer from increased stress. In addition, they are at great risk of developing depression or develop stress-associated cardiovascular disease. Therefore it is particularly important for them, to take care of regular relaxation. The present study showed that it’s already may be enough few minutes per day. This is especially for people who – as in family caregivers often is the case – have good news only little time.