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Winter and Health: The biggest mistakes

The winter is back, and relevant tips, such as, how to protect yourself from the common cold, viruses are rampant and how to fight them, can help you. Unfortunately, many of the well-intentioned advice is not only don’t help, but often just plain wrong.

Winter and Health

How possible protect against colds and what you can do if it is a really gets me, almost everyone seems to know, and often will rely on knowledge handed down family. The fact that the much-quotes grandmas and moms, but they may be wrong, as show various studies that have provided such persistent “general knowledge” to the test. Read the most detailed information.

Fast real health tips for winter.

  • A truism states that anyone who takes a lot of vitamin C, not sick. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that vitamin C can not protect against virus attacks. However, it can help the body to fight a cold and get fit faster.
  • Who is attracted to cold, do not get automatically a cold. The name is misleading in this case. It is true, however, that the cold weakens your immune system, causing viruses generally feel more comfortable at low temperatures, have an easy time.
  • If you are already a cold, should not try to sweat out the infection in the sauna. While heat can certainly destroy viruses and accelerate healing; However, extremely high temperatures weaken the body only as a complement.
  • A strong cold does not indicate a weak immune system. The frequency of symptoms does have something to do with the immune system, but on the contrary, speaks for a strong counterattack.
  • Sorry, the popular winter drink mulled wine does not protect against colds, and it don’t warms from the inside. Keep hot drinks warm even in the act; However, they contain alcohol, the blood vessels dilate, causing the body loses heat again.