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During the day, warm, cool in the evenings: Bladder and pyelonephritis

Posted by on Aug 31, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

The sun is shining – finally time for first pool visits and extensive outdoor evenings. But despite the warmth on the day the temperature drops rapidly from the evening: Then who is not dressed appropriately, quickly risks a bubble or even a kidney infection. Constant urge to urinate, burning and painful urination – many women know the symptoms of cystitis well enough. Because the female urethra is about four inches shorter than the male, and the opening is also closer to the anus, women solely because of their anatomy much more frequently affected than men. The main sources of bacteria from the gut: You enter through the urethra into the bladder, where they cause the so-called cystitis. In the case of sub-cooling of the feet and lower abdomen, the pathogen have it easy – especially in immunocompromised or women...

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Summer Flu

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

In agonizing summer flu nobody wants. In the hot season, therefore prevention is particularly important, as it can be in many cases such a bad cold for disease and prevent on vacation or at least easier to cure. A summer flu is almost always caused by viruses cause. A summer flu provides  also because of their terminology often misunderstandings. With the real flu, which also causes by viruses, forcing patients for weeks to bed, it has nothing to do. In the summer flu is indeed a flu, a severe cold, which is transmitted by droplet infection. Help with a summer flu. A bad cold on warm days is a particular burden. While cool air in winter can bring a little relief, enhances the warm summer air the symptoms. It is therefore important to respond as early as possible. The...

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The thyroid

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

In an overactive thyroid, medically called hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland produces more hormones than are required by the body. The peak incidence is between 20 and 40 years of age; Women are five times more often affected than men. Below the larynx in the throat is about 60 gram thyroid gland, which responsible for the production of the two hormones triiodothyronine and thyroxine is. When the body needs energy, they enter the bloodstream and provide an increased metabolism, energy and oxygen consumption and heat generation increases significantly. Moreover, the two hormones are involved in the brain and bone maturation during the growth phase. The balance is ensured by processes in the brain: When the hormone level drops, rain distributed by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to produce thyroid messengers to – until sufficient hormones are present. If there is...

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Quick help for seasickness

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015 in Wellness | 0 comments

A Seafaring is not always fun. Anyone who suffers from seasickness, can not enjoy the stay on a boat or ship, but has to contend with mild to severe nausea. But seasickness should not be, with some tricks include the symptoms soon the past. For motion sickness (motion sickness) water is not even necessary. You can just as easily occur on land, for  example, in car and bus rides, as well as in a thrilling ride on a carousel. It is caused mainly by unusual movement patterns, which can also be subjective feeling. The best example of this is the sea or travel sickness in computer games with rapid changes of perspective. The typical symptoms of seasickness are: Dizziness Pallor Mild to severe nausea Headache Of course, not everyone who embarks on a ship or boat, seasick. Conversely, however,...

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Hygiene in traveling – healthy on holiday

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in Wellness | 0 comments

Whether contaminated water, unclean toilets or spoiled food service areas in restaurants or at the hotel buffet: many holiday destinations can be desired in terms of hygiene left. One considers, however, simple rules, pathogens have no chance. The issue of hygiene in traveling in modern society takes a large value. Accordingly, many vacationers are worried about their health – especially against travel to exotic climes. Completely unfounded fears are not: Especially in hot countries romp pathogens to which our digestive system is not used in tap water and food. In addition, foreign foods and spices burden on the gastrointestinal tract. Although exaggerated panic from parasites, bacteria and viruses is unfounded, but provides a degree of caution is still the best prevention is depending on the holiday destination vaccines against various pathogens such as malaria, yellow fever or typhoid are...

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