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During the day, warm, cool in the evenings: Bladder and pyelonephritis

The sun is shining – finally time for first pool visits and extensive outdoor evenings. But despite the warmth on the day the temperature drops rapidly from the evening: Then who is not dressed appropriately, quickly risks a bubble or even a kidney infection.

Kidney painConstant urge to urinate, burning and painful urination – many women know the symptoms of cystitis well enough. Because the female urethra is about four inches shorter than the male, and the opening is also closer to the anus, women solely because of their anatomy much more frequently affected than men. The main sources of bacteria from the gut: You enter through the urethra into the bladder, where they cause the so-called cystitis. In the case of sub-cooling of the feet and lower abdomen, the pathogen have it easy – especially in immunocompromised or women who are already prone to urinary tract infections. Also, an exaggerated feminine hygiene, frequent intercourse and hormonal changes during menopause are among the risk factors.

Cystitis – what now?

As the inflammation untreated can worsen and develop into a kidney infection with fever and chills, you should take appropriate symptoms necessarily seriously and treat. A slight cystitis can get good with herbal medicines in the handle in the rule. Best of still mineral water or tea, as the pathogen are washed in this manner from the body – is particularly important to drink a lot is. Special kidney and Blasentees, for example on the basis of bearberry leaves, an antibacterial effect; Cranberry herbal supplements can speed up the healing process and are preventively. Sitz baths, moist warm compresses or the good old hot water bottle relieve the pain, since heat can relax the smooth muscle of the bladder. Keep the discomfort for several days at, is added a fever or bloody urine is, you should definitely consult a doctor – in this case, treatment with antibiotics may be necessary.

How can you protect your bladder and pyelonephritis?

Permanent urinary tract infections must not be heeded to some preventive measures. Those who drink a lot, flushes the bladder and makes it difficult for bacteria to establish themselves on their wall. Also, one should go to the toilet regularly – not only when the bladder is filled to the brim – and completely drain the body. As a material for underwear cotton which can be washed at 60 degrees and possibly kill germs present reliable is recommended. Wet bathing suits must be covered immediately after swimming and the feet are always kept warm to prevent hypothermia. For long evenings outdoors must a warm blanket or the famous “onion” look not missing – so that bacteria have no chance.