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Day of Pharmacy: Trends in the pharmacy market, power spectrum of a modern pharmacy

The day of Pharmacy held once a year. Under the headings dealing with the issues that matter most to customers.¬†This year the pharmacy is scheduled for June 5, 2015 and will provide information on the topic of “drug-drug interactions and food products”.

Day of PharmacyHow helpful are the additional benefits of a pharmacy, is particularly evident at the upcoming day of Pharmacy: Interactions with other medicines are often at high risk for the consumer. A fact that is also aggravated by the fact that many patients do not read the information leaflet thoroughly enough or do not understand. How extensive a pharmacy actually works, many customers will only become clear when you need more than just pain killers or medication prescribed by the doctor. Pharmacists are therefore still important contacts dosage, side effects, and alternative remedies. Advise, clarify and thus make an additional valuable service to the health of their customers. Mail-order pharmacies are just as competent partners, here the advice is, however, by phone, by email or in writing instead.

Pharmacies fulfill many tasks.

Pharmacists are required to inform their customers about the drugs purchased. But a modern organization makes a lot more. This may be offers of assistance under Action days as of the day of the pharmacy. But even permanent deals are gladly accepted and often even free and long indispensable in prophylaxis. This includes:

  • Blood glucose testing
  • Blood valuation
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Weighing
  • Measurement of bone density
  • Skin Analysis

The tests are carried out in the most cases of professionally well-trained staff. For very complex investigations require the operation of external devices, also invite a pharmacy experts are interested customers contact.

Advisory services are in demand.

Since more and more prescribed medications are chargeable, the number of patients is increasing, save yourself the trip to the doctor. Rather than have to wait long for a mild condition on an appointment or to sit for hours in the waiting room, they turn equal to an experienced pharmacist and let free on-site advice by phone or by mail to the possible preparations. A pharmacist also advises and interrogates targeted if he has the impression that a non-prescription drug might not be the right decision. Further support for preventive measures, such. As for allergy to pollen season. But the house pharmacy and medication for a planned trip, employees at the pharmacy happy together.