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Important information about a well-stocked medicine cabinet

Posted by on Dec 28, 2016 in First Aid | 0 comments

Whether sudden headache, a painful insect bite or scraped knees, almost every household is get a house pharmacy that offers fast help in emergencies. But in order to really help not only appropriate medications must be present, but they should be stored properly and checked regularly. First and foremost, the selection of materials for the medicine cabinet will of course depend on the age and number of family members. So some of drugs are usually more necessary for children than for adults. In addition, the medicine cabinet should be lockable to small children in a household with children. The corresponding key takes its place at the top on the chest, so that it is readily available in case of emergency. Very important is also the resting place for the medicine chest. Bathroom or kitchen are not very suitable, because...

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Sunstroke – when the sun is a danger

Posted by on Aug 16, 2016 in First Aid | 0 comments

Hardly attract the first summer days with sunshine and warm temperatures, many people spend their free time outdoors. But beware of too much sun, because it can not only damage the skin but also cause sunstroke. Basically, anyone who too long unprotected exposes his head and neck from the sun can suffer sunstroke in which there is a heat-related irritation of the meninges. However, are particularly at risk infants who usually only have a small head of hair and their skull is thin or not completely closed. But even in old age, when the head hair decreases, it can quickly lead to a sunstroke. Here, a sunstroke is not to be confused with the much more dangerous heat stroke. Although both heat damage caused by heat, but in heat stroke not only the mind but of the entire organism...

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Corns, unnecessary pain

Posted by on May 22, 2016 in First Aid | 0 comments

Good for those who do not. The corn is one of the most painful skin diseases, which is rarely dangerous. What is commonly described as small cause with great effect, even drives the hard-boiled tears to my eyes. That’s reason enough to thoroughly check the corns. Whether or corn crows eye, in addition to the medical term Clavus, knows the painful corneal change some names. What is meant is always an in-depth calluses, which has the shape of a cone and extends up close to the bone. It affects mostly the toes of the body carrying unhealthy pressure on the footwear. Also are anatomical differences, such as misalignments, increases the risk that a corn developed. Alternatively, such a column Horn also be caused by a virus, in this case, is of a viral warts the speech. First aid for...

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Do not underestimate concussions

Posted by on Apr 30, 2016 in First Aid | 0 comments

There is hardly anyone who has not experienced this. A fall, a blow, a strong bumping against the door and then it happened. Roars the head, dizziness and nausea set to the suspicion of a concussion is obvious. But what does this mean for those affected? The expert calls concussion, popularly it is known as concussion. It is a Concussion, even if only in the form easier. Mostly affects children and even infants can lead to such breach. This accident resulted notify the doctor in various degrees of severity. The Glasgow Coma Scale helps him. For this purpose, it queries the circumstances of the accident and then checks the response and memory of the patient. The smaller the patient, the more difficult the diagnosis may be. Therefore, paramedics and doctors are more cautious in young accident victims. What happens...

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Prepare the medicine cabinet in time for the winter

Posted by on Apr 20, 2016 in First Aid | 0 comments

A look in the medicine cabinet is particularly important at the beginning of the cold season. Because if something is missing, can only be as supplies for the cold season filled and anxious time. A well-stocked medicine cabinet is always recommended, because all too often it is in everyday life the first point of contact for small ailments or even injuries. The basic equipment of course are next to a clinical thermometer and prescription painkillers and patch, sterile compresses, alcohol for disinfection, gauze bandages and. However, when the cool and humid season is approaching and the first signs of cough or coryza show, you will be especially happy to have his medicine cabinet in time changed to “winter mode” and sufficiently supplemented. Therefore, it is particularly important to have early to think of appropriate precautions and stock up on...

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The proper use of medication determines the success of therapy

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in First Aid | 0 comments

Drug package inserts are a horror for the layman: You describe all possible interactions and side effects and the strict rules for the administration are often difficult to understand. It decides the proper intake on the safety and efficacy of a drug. What to watch for? Whether a drug does its job, among other things, depends on whether it is used also in the prescribed manner.The dosage is always indicated on the package insert. The doctor’s instructions are usually understandable and should be strictly adhered to, especially if a patient requires more resources. For the detailed rules there are good reasons. A whole range of substances from food and drink produce namely with the ingredients of medicines significant interactions. Time, the desired effect is amplified repealed times. Doctors must be careful when prescribing what ingredients are tolerated well together...

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