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01 December 2015: World AIDS Day!

Since 1988, World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1 of each year. The aim of this day of action WHO is to inform about the disease and the solidarity of the population of referencing affected and their families.

World AIDS DayThe term AIDS (short for “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”, meaning “acquired immune deficiency”) refers to a weakness of the immune system, which is caused by the HIV virus (human immunodeficiency virus). It ensures that those cells which are responsible for the defense of diseases, attacked and destroyed over time. The infection varies greatly and is divided into several stages – only the last is known as AIDS. Pathogens that can easily dominate a healthy organism, then lead to serious diseases infected – so-called opportunistic infections and tumors – and eventually death. The contracting HIV via blood, semen, vaginal fluid or breast milk when they enter the bloodstream or mucous membranes. When and how infection leads to AIDS, is unpredictable. The virus can be detected only through an antibody test in the blood.

Figures and therapy.

Although the number of new infections in US relatively low, at about 3,400 per year (2012), but the situation in some regions of the world – especially south of the Sahara – still dramatic. End of 2013, approximately 35 million people worldwide were HIV-positive; in the same year, some three and a half million people were newly infected with the virus, which means about 9000 per day. Since the beginning of this pandemic, 36 million people have died of AIDS. Although concerned with new combination therapies may live mostly symptom free today still exists neither a vaccine nor the prospect of cure. The aim is thus far to reduce the viral load in the body to improve the quality of life of infected and to prolong their life. However, the side effects of the drugs are sometimes severe.

Protection against AIDS.

In comparison to other viral diseases of HIV pathogen is very sensitive and thus difficult to transfer. When kissing, shaking hands or sneezing so there is no risk of infection. In light of the fact that HIV is most commonly transmitted during sex, safe sex plays an enormous role in prevention. The consistent use of condoms is therefore essential. HIV-positive people are still affected by stigma world. In this country there is a major lack of knowledge about the disease: Due to the stable infection rate and the treatability AIDS is increasingly out of focus. To counteract find “positive living together” in the context of World AIDS Day campaign annually on December 1, numerous actions on instead. Global symbol is a red bow – not only as a warning of the dangers of AIDS, but also as a sign of solidarity and respect.