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Insect bite allergy – be prepared for emergencies

Posted by on Jul 31, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

A mosquito, bee or wasp sting is unpleasant, but remember, after a few days. The situation is different in allergic patients, because of an insect sting allergy a harmless engraving may already have life-threatening consequences. An estimated 20 percent of the population are allergic to insect venom and about 5 per cent there is even such a severe allergic reaction that threatens anaphylactic shock, which can fatal if left untreated. Cause of this insect bite allergy is similar to other forms of allergy, hypersensitivity of the immune system in this case against individual structures of the insect poison, which the body is through the bite in contact. The most common are allergic reactions to bee or wasp stings. But bumblebees, hornets and other insects such as mosquitoes or ants may trigger an insect sting allergy. When every second counts....

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Frequent showers can affect the skin

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

For most people hear the daily shower to normal personal hygiene, because it rids the body of dirt and unpleasant body odors. However, frequent showers can also have negative effects on the skin, especially if too hot, showered too long or at the wrong toiletries. As the largest organ of the human body, the skin must be particularly neat to get their numerous functions. This includes in particular its barrier function against harmful germs such as bacteria, viruses or fungi, and other substances. To prevent the penetration of these contaminants effectively, the skin has a complex structure composed of several layers, one of which is the uppermost layer together with the acid mantle of the skin’s natural barrier. Composed of keratinized skin cells that are like a wall held together by skin oils, the skin layer composite solid this...

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Beautiful feet for sandals time!

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

When temperatures rise, the clothing is scarce. Thick sweaters make short, T-shirts take a place and soft boots replaced by sandals, flip flops and Co. Not always, however, the pale winter toes a beautiful sight and it is high time to start with a special foot care program. Hardly any part of the body is so little cared for like the feet. They have to work extremely hard and uncomfortable and often in airtight shoes daily. Especially in northern latitudes stick the feet for most of the year in thick socks and shoes. No wonder that they react with the cornea, calluses and ingrown toenails or crooked. It is not difficult to put the feet on its own with a small but regular pampering in the form so that they appear nice and well maintained not only to Sandals...

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Fasting as treat for body and soul

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

Already more than two thousand years, the ancient Greeks knew about the healing effects of fasting. Today, people try to compensate by fasting the stress of an unhealthy diet. But what really brings fasting for body and soul and who is it for? Not infrequently determine the hustle and bustle of our everyday life. And in their spare time, hardly anyone takes the time to do something for yourself. No wonder that many people feel tired and exhausted. Addition, they often wrong eating habits that hit to the stomach, affecting digestion or precipitate as unwanted kilos at the hips. High time to change that. To get here, body and soul back into balance, may help in the short-term food intake is set completely or at least partially, for example, a juice fast. Because as a result of the fast...

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Interdental brushes for thorough dental care

Posted by on Jul 19, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

Caries and gum infections are the main causes of premature tooth loss. In order to protect the teeth against is not just a regular checkup at the dentist’s important, but also the daily dental care. In addition to brushing and flossing. This will also interdental brushes have proved that allow a thorough cleaning between the teeth. Pain, bleeding gums and holes in the teeth are often the result of a disturbed oral flora, because the oral cavity is colonized by a variety of microorganisms. These are usually located in a natural balance, but which can be disturbed by a number of factors. For example, eating habits, taking certain medications, and poor oral hygiene can lead to an excessive increase in microorganisms. As a result, store bacteria and other organisms as off-white, adherent coatings above all on the teeth. It...

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