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What helps against the cornea?

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Beauty | 0 comments

Cornea is considered beautiful. It also feels hard and cracked and is prone to injury. There are so many reasons to eliminate them and prevent their reappearance after. Why in the formation of the cornea, is known to most people. Finally, it is found where the skin is especially vulnerable. This is clearly visible in the hands of all the people who work physically. But the feet are ideal for the development of the cornea. This thickened skin, the body protects primarily against pressure and friction. Since this skin is not supplied with blood, it dries quickly however. It is supported even thicker, they may tear. This is not only very painful, there is also the danger that germs invade and cause inflammation. Even so it is important to ensure appropriate that the cornea does not thicken excessively. Effective...

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Can you outrun the stroke?

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

Numerous studies have shown that regular exercise can protect against heart attacks, strokes and dementia – particularly in the elderly. Now a US study has investigated how much and what type of physical activity most benefit. The researchers want to know the extent which physical activity can reduce the risk of stroke, especially in old age. They found that it matters less on the speed, but more on the duration of the movement. So in the current study were found that walking between one and two hours per day reduces the risk of stroke in the elderly by almost a third. The team of scientists from University investigated over a period of eleven years, 3500 subjects who were old at the start of the study between 60 and 80 years, and until then did not have cardiovascular disease. Participants...

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World No Tobacco Day 2015: cessation is trendy

Posted by on Sep 27, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

Since 1987, every year on May 31 World No Tobacco Day, organized by the World Health Organization in cooperation with the American Cancer Aid and the Coalition for non-smoking. Despite the success of anti-smoking campaigns of recent years still smokes about a third of all Americans over 15 years, equivalent to 20 million people. Confirm annually about five million dead: Smoking as well as passive smoking make you sick. In America currently fall 8% of the total population in the high-risk category of heavy smokers who consume 20 cigarettes a day and more. The World No Tobacco Day, initiated by WHO, is mainly used for reconnaissance and as a counter-propaganda. Smoking bans in public and massive information on the harmful effects of smoking make long since a positive impact. Especially in the age group 12-25, the smoking rate declined...

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How to recognize broken heart syndrome?

Posted by on Sep 27, 2015 in Wellness | 0 comments

2.5 percent of patients who are suspected in the heart attack in a hospital, suffering from the “broken heart syndrome”. Researchers have now found a biomarker that can distinguish the two disorders apart. “Broken heart” can be not just literally. the “broken heart syndrome” can occur in fact, because of the death of a loved one, financial problems or bullying may by an extremely strong emotional stress at work. Its symptoms are similar to those of a heart attack. 2,5 percent of patients who are admitted with suspected myocardial infarction in hospital, suffering from the syndrome of “broken heart” actually. So far, only a heart catheter investigation can determine if it is a heart attack or the “broken heart syndrome”. Now scientists from the Institute of Molecular and Translational therapy (IMT) at the Hannover Medical School have found that...

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Can stress leads to the increased risk of dementia?

Posted by on Sep 25, 2015 in Mental health | 0 comments

Constant stress can not only lead to depression, but also increase the risk of dementia. This was indicated by a recent study. The stressful experiences such as the death of a partner can trigger depressive phases in the workplace. Now a study has shown that people who are experiencing a lot of stress and grief in the midst of life, also have an increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. For the study, which covers a period of 38 years, the researchers have analyzed the data of 800 women between 30 and in the end mid-50s at the age. The women were first interviewed about psychologically stressful events in their lives in 1968. By the year 2006 153 of them has developed of dementia, 104 of them have an Alzheimer’s disease. The more stress factors mean the higher¬† risk of...

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