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What helps against the cornea?

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Beauty | 0 comments

Cornea is considered beautiful. It also feels hard and cracked and is prone to injury. There are so many reasons to eliminate them and prevent their reappearance after. Why in the formation of the cornea, is known to most people. Finally, it is found where the skin is especially vulnerable. This is clearly visible in the hands of all the people who work physically. But the feet are ideal for the development of the cornea. This thickened skin, the body protects primarily against pressure and friction. Since this skin is not supplied with blood, it dries quickly however. It is supported even thicker, they may tear. This is not only very painful, there is also the danger that germs invade and cause inflammation. Even so it is important to ensure appropriate that the cornea does not thicken excessively. Effective...

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World No Tobacco Day 2015: cessation is trendy

Posted by on Sep 27, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

Since 1987, every year on May 31 World No Tobacco Day, organized by the World Health Organization in cooperation with the American Cancer Aid and the Coalition for non-smoking. Despite the success of anti-smoking campaigns of recent years still smokes about a third of all Americans over 15 years, equivalent to 20 million people. Confirm annually about five million dead: Smoking as well as passive smoking make you sick. In America currently fall 8% of the total population in the high-risk category of heavy smokers who consume 20 cigarettes a day and more. The World No Tobacco Day, initiated by WHO, is mainly used for reconnaissance and as a counter-propaganda. Smoking bans in public and massive information on the harmful effects of smoking make long since a positive impact. Especially in the age group 12-25, the smoking rate declined...

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Day of Pharmacy: Trends in the pharmacy market, power spectrum of a modern pharmacy

Posted by on Sep 23, 2015 in First Aid | 0 comments

The day of Pharmacy held once a year. Under the headings dealing with the issues that matter most to customers.¬†This year the pharmacy is scheduled for June 5, 2015 and will provide information on the topic of “drug-drug interactions and food products”. How helpful are the additional benefits of a pharmacy, is particularly evident at the upcoming day of Pharmacy: Interactions with other medicines are often at high risk for the consumer. A fact that is also aggravated by the fact that many patients do not read the information leaflet thoroughly enough or do not understand. How extensive a pharmacy actually works, many customers will only become clear when you need more than just pain killers or medication prescribed by the doctor. Pharmacists are therefore still important contacts dosage, side effects, and alternative remedies. Advise, clarify and thus make...

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The Day of Organ Donation

Posted by on Sep 20, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

For the past 31 years, he is held annually, always on the first Saturday in June, instead of: the date of donation. The aim of this day of action is to raise awareness of the issue and reduce tension. America with about 10,000 seriously ill people for an organ that could save their lives. Only 8,000 patients need a kidney; the average waiting time is more than six to eight years. For too long: Countless organ recipients succumb in the meantime their disease. This lack of donor organs already exists, since it is possible to carry out transplantation. According to a survey conducted by the for Health Education, the half of the citizens feel adequately informed to make a personal decision for or against organ donation can. Scandals – for example in the form that physicians falsify the records...

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Travel in any age: Select destinations according to age properly: Select destinations according to age properly

Posted by on Sep 17, 2015 in Wellness | 0 comments

Where in Europe? That depends, inter alia also on age. While most seniors decide for themselves what they lack confidence in themselves, a few safety rules should be strictly adhered to in children. Many tour operators have already responded to the high demand for target group-oriented holiday offers and offer relaxing holiday as well as exotic adventure packages for all ages. Similarly as for relaxing for families with small children are resorts: Which are easily accessible by car, train or bus or a short flight. With adequate medical care is guaranteed within reach. These conditions are given for example in the Alps, the Mediterranean, the North Sea and the Baltic, and in virtually all European countries. The pleasant and familiar climate keeps doing health risks within limits. Relaxing, well organized and comfortable are cruises that have enjoyed increasing popularity...

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