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Did tomato juice protects against stroke?

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in Nutrition | 0 comments

Many people drink it only in the plane: tomato juice. A new study shows that it may be useful, otherwise more often resorting to the red drink. Lycopene, which is found in concentrated form in tomatoes, strengthens cerebral vessels and can protect against stroke. This is the result of a recent study. Researchers wanted to find out exactly why the consumption of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of many diseases and which components are responsible for the vascular protective effect. In the fact that consumption of fruits and vegetables is healthy, hardly anyone doubted. But so far came studies that try to demonstrate the specific effects of vitamins and radical scavengers on the vessels, often contradictory results. Researchers have made a new attempt. They determined the serum levels of various antioxidants in excess of 1,000 men and subjected...

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A good preparation for winter sports reduces the risk of injury

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Beauty | 0 comments

Learned, never, think many who in the winter season plans traditionally a ski or snowboard holiday. In the interest healer bones, ligaments and joints but no one should unprepared start in winter sports. If you drive on wheel throughout the year, jogs, with in-line skaters traveling or wandering that is fit enough to venture out in the winter to ski or snowboard slopes or on the ice rink. Who but the year was not very active, which should prepare his body for the stress. Especially beginners often underestimate the power and energy consumption of winter sports: Many hours in the fresh air Unusual movements Switch between sweaty exertion and cooling while waiting at the elevator Longer and faster downhill than expected All this quickly leads to exhaustion and lack of concentration. In contrast, a healthy self-esteem and solid condition...

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Does meditation help against loneliness?

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 in Mental health | 0 comments

Meditation can reduce stress and enhance state of relaxation. But obviously, this technique can do much more, as a new study now shows. Loneliness is not just a feeling, but also an important health risk factor. Loneliness can trigger depression and other mental illnesses, and also leads many people to increased stress levels, which, in turn, is involved in the development of various diseases. Particularly elderly often suffer from loneliness. In the modern world, as well, as younger people are increasingly affected. A small study has now shown, that a specific form of meditation – MBSR – can not only reduce the inflammation markers in the blood, but also alleviate feelings of loneliness. MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) is a popular combined form of meditation, the Far Eastern exercises and modern medical knowledge. The “coping with stress through mindfulness” has...

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The proper use of medication determines the success of therapy

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in First Aid | 0 comments

Drug package inserts are a horror for the layman: You describe all possible interactions and side effects and the strict rules for the administration are often difficult to understand. It decides the proper intake on the safety and efficacy of a drug. What to watch for? Whether a drug does its job, among other things, depends on whether it is used also in the prescribed manner.The dosage is always indicated on the package insert. The doctor’s instructions are usually understandable and should be strictly adhered to, especially if a patient requires more resources. For the detailed rules there are good reasons. A whole range of substances from food and drink produce namely with the ingredients of medicines significant interactions. Time, the desired effect is amplified repealed times. Doctors must be careful when prescribing what ingredients are tolerated well together...

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Are overweight people degraded?

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Health | 0 comments

Being overweight is unhealthy – everyone knows that. But that besides heart and blood vessels and can affect the brain power. According to the U.S. Data and Statistics, every second American citizen is overweight – with serious health consequences. Being overweight increases the risk for many diseases, such as hypertension, heart attack and diabetes. What many do not know: Even the brain is affected by the excess weight. Numerous studies have shown, that overweight people have very lower brain volume and decreased tissue density in the gray matter. Overweight thereby also increases the risk of dementia. How much obesity effects on the brain, has now a study confirm researchers. The scientists showed that with thicknesses significantly faster decline cognitive skills. For their study, the scientists have evaluate the data of 6,400 adults. The participants, who were aged at baseline...

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