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Fit and healthy through the winter

Posted by on Apr 16, 2015 in Wellness | 0 comments

For some, winter is the best season – skiing, tobogganing and sledding. But winter also means short days, long nights and cold wet just in our part of bad weather, as these days. With some tips, however, you can adapt to the dark season and stay healthy through the winter. Morning on the way to work it is still dark and evening on the way back, it’s dark again, no wonder that the long nights wear you down. Therefore, many people just feel tired and less fit in winter than in summer. Cause include the hormones. Thus, the human body produces in the dark, especially the sleep hormone melatonin tired-making. In daylight, however, serotonin is produced, a hormone that lifts the mood and is therefore also known as happiness hormone. To increase the winter naturally low levels of serotonin,...

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Beautiful white teeth – what does the whitening diabetes mellitus?

Posted by on Apr 14, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

Beautiful white teeth across as friendly, healthy and well maintained. Over the years, however, the color of the enamel becomes darker. A number of external factors leads to unsightly discoloration. Tooth whitening, also called bleaching, is to create that bright healthy smile. What does a tooth whitening? Discoloration of the teeth are unavoidable, the role of each oral hygiene and the disposition. The enamel deposited with time and the traces of drug pigmented beverages such as coffee, tea, licorice and red wine. Also, certain mouthwashes and some antibiotics cause color changes. Other causes of tooth discoloration are a natural, age-related remodeling process of the enamel, root canals, fillings or translucent micro-fractures of the tooth crown. What to do about stained teeth? In addition to a thorough teeth cleaning at home can be a radiant white smile obtained as follows:...

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Limb pain can have many causes

Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

Headache and body aches most people are well known because they are among the frequent companions of a cold or flu. In addition, it can also be a symptom of another disease. If the cause is known, you can, sometimes even, help to fight against annoying pain. Basically, all pain is summarized under the term joint pain emanating from muscle, joint or bone and relate to the extremities. They can occur in both arms, hands and fingers and in the legs, feet and toes. Not always, however, all limbs are affected simultaneously. Depending on the cause joint pain can also be symmetrically and confined to the arms or legs or occur only in certain extremities. In addition, joint pain may be temporary or chronic. There are felt very weak and little disturbing in some cases, but in other cases...

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14 November 2015: World Diabetes Day

Posted by on Apr 12, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

In 1991, he was celebrated for the first time, he has been since 2007, the second official day of the UN (after the World AIDS Day), who has a disease on the topic: the World Diabetes Day. He is every year a special motto – this year’s central theme is “Healthy Living with Diabetes”. The term “diabetes mellitus” comes from the Greek and means “honey-sweet flow”: Do not treat one disease, sugar is excreted in the urine. Its sweet taste was formerly used as a diagnostic method. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder associated with increased blood sugar levels – accompanied – also called hyperglycemia. In healthy people, the blood sugar levels in the fasting state is less than 100 milligrams / deciliter (mg / dL) after meals and increases to a maximum of 140 mg / dL. Higher...

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Be prepared for everyday symptoms in young children in the household

Posted by on Apr 11, 2015 in First Aid | 0 comments

Usually it’s the little aches and pains that happen when playing at home and in the garden or on the road, for which one must be prepared with small children.But even with respiratory or gastrointestinal infections can be helpful a special children’s medicine cabinet with corresponding doses of medication. A small stumbling block or a moment of inattention is usually sufficient and even the knee is scraped up. Nice if then a plaster on hand is to treat the wound. Especially for young children such minor injuries are not uncommon. From small bruises to lacerations thorns in the feet, on such accidents, you should always be prepared with a well-equipped first aid kit. This is especially important, to keep calm and comforted, because usually the injuries are rather harmless in nature and can be treated with plaster, tweezers and...

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