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A Chlorella devours body poisons

The algae called chlorella and is one of the most researched algae in the world. Countless studies have identified over the years a number of health benefits. His biological most important skill – binding of toxins – Chlorella has awarded an optimal protective and detoxifying effect. In this article we take those healthy algae under exactly the billet.

ChlorellaThere is evidence that chlorella can help against diseases. Which diseases or its symptoms can be reduced or prevented? These are:

  • Hypertension
  • Anemia
  • Diabetes
  • Acute stress
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Liver Cancer.

After one of the studies on this topic, “Chlorella vulgaris” (CV) has been reported that Chlorella has antioxidant and anticancer properties. This study with rats shows that CV has certain chemopreventive effects through induction of apoptosis in hepatocarcinogenesis induced with liver cancer. Here is a selection of some fields of application in terms of your health that are associated with this green alga:

  • Repair of damaged nerve tissue
  • Increase your energy
  • Improving of the immune system
  • Normalization of blood glucose
  • Improve digestion
  • Normalization of blood pressure
  • Promotion of healthy pH in the intestine
  • Distance potentially toxic metals from the body
  • Improve your ability to focus and concentrate
  • Eliminating bad breath.

Chlorella can also be advantage for vegans in search of proteins and B vitamins from foods with a non-animal origin. Chlorella consists of 60 percent protein , and because it contains all the essential amino acids the body needs, it can be described as a “complete protein”. Chlorella is also rich in:

  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B12.

Chlorella is still studied for a range of health conditions. Here is a list of six most common health problems and diseases in which chlorella may be particularly useful:

Insulin resistance.

This year researchers discovered that chlorella has the capacity to improve the fructose-induced insulin sensitivity. As already discussed several times, excessive fructose consumption is the leading cause of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. In this animal rats study, after a fructose-rich diet for four weeks the were then given three times daily for five days Chlorella, the increased glucose-insulin levels returned to normal again. Scientists come to conclude: “Oral administration of Chlorella has the ability to insulin sensitivity, which can be used as adjuvant therapy in patients with insulin resistance to improve.”


It is particularly helpful for your health when Chlorella is used in conjunction with an infrared sauna, the intake should take place two hours before the sauna session. This kind of use of chlorella will work in your gut and the toxins will released when the sauna bind. Chlorella is able to irreversibly bind these toxins, and to let them retire in the normal way of your body.


Additional evidence for the theory that chlorella can improve insulin sensitivity , have already been found in a previous study. Here was the found that in chlorella intake insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake could be improved in the liver in diabetic type 1. The scientists suggest that Chlorella has a hypoglycemic effect.


The results of a placebo-controlled double-blind study, which was published two years ago, suggest that Chlorella can greatly help to reduce the blood pressure. The scientists suggest that such a positive dietary supplement for the prevention of hypertension should be used and it also has no discernible side effects.

Anemia and edema in pregnant women.

Pregnancy-induced hypertension and anemia in pregnant women come frequently and are potentially dangerous.
A study, which was published last year, notes that Chlorella can help these two diseases in pregnant women, probably to prevent due to its high folic acid, B12 and iron, or decrease. The Chlorella has be taken by six grams per day, starting somewhere between the 12th to 18th week of pregnancy, until delivery. Chlorella group showed significantly lower rates of anemia compared to the control group. It also showed fewer cases of proteinuria and edema on two symptoms that are associated with pregnancy-induced hypertension. Again, the authors concluded that “chlorella can be useful as a supplement, as an additional resource to the natural folates, vitamin B-12 and iron.”


Although individual results may vary, it may be worth considering, Chlorella take if you suffer from fibromyalgia. A study from 2000 tested the effectiveness of two commercially available chlorella-based products in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The overall results showed a decrease in pain intensity by 22 percent of patients. But while seven patients reported an improvement in their symptoms of fibromyalgia, reported six patients had no effect, and five patients said their symptoms had worsened during the process. If you want to opt for a treatment with Chlorella and suffer from fibromyalgia, you should have in mind that it will help in some patients, but in others not.

Liver cancer.

A study that was published in 2009, revealed that the Chlorella can trigger cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells in the rat liver, so it would be well suited for use in the prevention of liver cancer. The authors following: “Our study shows that chlorella certain chemopreventive effects through induction of apoptosis via the reduction in the expression of Bcl-2 and increasing the expression of caspase 8 in hepatocarcinogenesis-induced rat caused”.

Chlorella-A a potent detoxifying agent.

Heavy metal poisoning and complex chemical toxicities, have developed into one of the biggest health threats of our time and even here Chlorella can be used wisely. Its ability to bind toxins from heavy metals, so that they are safely eliminated from the body, has established itself. It is especially important for systemic mercury elimination because the majority of the mercury is excreted in the stool. Once the mercury burden is lowered in your intestines, mercury from other body tissues can easily migrate into your intestines, where the chlorella then is working to remove this from the body. You can also take coriander, this serves as a synergistic aid in detoxification in cooperation with chlorella. This combination is especially healthy for you, if you’ve eaten a lot of seafood or fish, which are nowadays unfortunately very often contaminated with heavy metals and chemicals. It would be ideal to take the coriander and chlorella with the food so that the toxins can be eliminated before they are absorbed into the body.
To optimize a heavy metal detoxification, you need to take at least four grams of chlorella daily. At the beginning of detoxification mild side effects may occur. You can first get mild nausea or diarrhea. If you have these symptoms too annoying, keep your lower dose initially and increase it slowly. If your body is cleansed of toxins these side effects should disappear. Infrared saunas are another phenomenal detoxification approach. You should really take a 20-minute visit to such a sauna daily.

Important questions for quality:

  1. How often tests of the product were carried out?
  2. How and where the chlorella is grown?
  3. Does the manufacturer of the product to be carried out tests on a possible heavy metal pollution?

Only the correct processing of chlorella allows him to offer his maximum benefit for your health.