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A good preparation for winter sports reduces the risk of injury

Learned, never, think many who in the winter season plans traditionally a ski or snowboard holiday. In the interest healer bones, ligaments and joints but no one should unprepared start in winter sports.

Winter sportsIf you drive on wheel throughout the year, jogs, with in-line skaters traveling or wandering that is fit enough to venture out in the winter to ski or snowboard slopes or on the ice rink. Who but the year was not very active, which should prepare his body for the stress. Especially beginners often underestimate the power and energy consumption of winter sports:

  • Many hours in the fresh air
  • Unusual movements
  • Switch between sweaty exertion and cooling while waiting at the elevator
  • Longer and faster downhill than expected

All this quickly leads to exhaustion and lack of concentration. In contrast, a healthy self-esteem and solid condition not only prevent accidents but also muscles that can spoil a holiday.

Endurance and muscle strength.

For skiing and snowboarding, the leg, and especially the thigh muscles duly claimed: The “downhill position”, the cushioning and compensate for uneven surfaces and curves, when railed, countermeasures and around obstacles and even a beginner course with practicing plow arcs claim the power to the load limits. The fitter you are, the faster it is progress has been made and the sooner you can enjoy the slopes. Additional endurance and muscle strength can already build in a few weeks. Tendons and joints do require a while to adapt to heavy loads.

Balance and agility.

Terms mobility and a good sense of balance not only help to prevent falls: If you nevertheless, the risk of injury is much lower. Good for ice skating and snowboarding are a distinct sense of balance and a good sense of balance. This can for example be exercising on a MFT lens: The feet are then positioned on the right and left of the ball in the middle, the disc must be placed horizontally. This trains the bargain abdominal and back muscles and responsiveness. Spine, hip and pelvis are loosened, many muscles are used.

Properly prepared from winter sports benefit.

The groundwork for the winter fun should start no later than six to eight weeks before skiing or skating season: About twice a week, the components are trains strength, stamina and flexibility. One possibility for this is the ski gymnastics in the sports club. Those who prefer exercising at home, which should get next squats and stair climbing excitation from a DVD. Even the often extreme movements skiing or snowboarding can internalize good in “dry runs”. Who well prepared and fit starts in winter sports, benefited in several ways: Clean air, natural light and plenty of movement, leaving them feeling good mood and strengthen the immune system.