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Autumnal mood – now recharge your batteries

Autumn has begun and we also note the shorter days. Thus, rain, fog, and cold does not cause the same to sniff nose, cough and Co, you should make your body now weatherproof for fall.

Recharge your batteriesFaster than expected and desired summer is over and the autumn begins again the dark and cold season. Even the autumn still attracts with beautiful sunny days and it is usually not really cold, but still now makes many people the typical autumn depression noticeable. The holiday is felt an eternity ago and the prevailing summer energy and vitality seems to have vanished into thin air. To help soul and body now, the autumnal mood hole must be filled and Energy for the coming winter will be refueled. It is particularly important, therefore, already with the last summer days boost the immune system again to soak up some sun and prepare mind and body for the fall.

Oppose strengthened energy hole.

Although the lack of sunlight in the fall can not be compensated and the body thereby increasing distributes the tired-making melatonin, there are some tricks on how to counteract the fall of depression and the metabolic slowdown. For one, you should as long as possible boost by sunlight Vitamin D production, because Vitamin D not only strengthens the teeth and bones, but also the immune system. On the other hand help the proper diet with enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as well as movement, the autumn counter positive. See to exercise in the fresh air not only a good mood, but also optimizes the supply to the muscles, organs and the brain with oxygen and other essential nutrients for the well-being. This must not be one path high performance sport, because even biking, hiking or walking stimulate the circulation and disperse dull autumn thoughts.

Properly hardened in the autumn.

With the fall begins for many people again the cold season. To make the immune system early fit, is now not only a balanced, vitamin-rich diet important, but also plenty of sleep and a balanced amount of exercise and time to relax. However, it’s not always enough time to exercise and diet can also just turn on hot summer days before somewhat one-sided. Nevertheless, in order to strengthen going into the fall, the defense can be grasped something under his arms. How can strengthen the immune system and assist with Vitamin C and Zinc to an infection by specific, for example, by treatment with an Echinacea preparation. In addition, the body can be hardened before the beginning of autumn through regular saunas and hot and cold showers.