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Avoiding gluten and casein in the diet of children with autism can lead to psychosocial improvements!

This conclusion has shown research results of a study on autistic children from 2012. Teams of two researchers have collected and analyzed data from 387 parents of children with autism. The study was designed to investigate the efficacy of a gluten and casein free diet in autism disorder.

Children with autismRegardless of the study, there were already indications that the gluten- and casein-derived peptides causes an immune response in children with autism cause and that peptides could trigger gastrointestinal symptoms and behavioral disorders.

In the study by was found that performs a gluten-free and casein-free diet for the following improvements in children with autism:

  • Improvements in social behavior, in particular improvement of language and responsiveness, eye contact and social interest.
  • Improvements in gastrointestinal symptoms and allergic symptoms.

It is important that children who received less than six months gluten-and casein-free diet, had a significantly lower improvement in symptoms. So you can achieve the greatest possible health benefits with an autistic child only with a consistent constant diet.

Autism is more than just a neurological disorder.

There is obviously a relationship between neurological and physiological symptoms in autism because of a clear link between immune system (80% of the immune system is located in the gut!) and brain.

After small things can be explained: Much of the pain receptors in the body is located in the intestine so you can achieve a reduction in inflammation and pain by adhering to a gluten-free and casein-free diet.

It is also possible that other proteins, such as soy, are problematic for autistic children.

Furthermore, there are free and near that gluten and casein seem to be immunoreactive.Therefore, when a child, in the skin and blood tests for gluten and casein allergies are negative, still a local immune response in the gut have , which may be the source of the behavioral and psychological symptoms. This in turn can lead to exacerbation of autism.