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Barefoot in the swimming pool – Attention athlete’s foot!

Take time to burn or itch barefoot from a swimming pool to the other and a little later start to the feet. Almost one in three Americans has ever suffered annoying and stubborn athlete’s foot. It can be an infection almost always be avoided by simple means.

Barefoot in the swimming poolAthlete’s foot loves moist and warm, exactly the conditions that prevail in the swimming pool, sauna and also in communal showers. No wonder that many people are afraid of infection. Besides, a lot more than just a short contact with the belonging to the filamentous fungi dermatophytes, the technical term is necessary for infection. For human skin is protected by its acid mantle and skin flora, a natural protective layer of bacteria from attack. If the skin is damaged or attacked, however, for example by injuries, a weakened immune system or after a longer stay in the water, the fungal spores can overcome the skin’s natural protective barrier and establish themselves in the skin.

Itching, burning and scaly feet are typical symptoms.

Most spaces between the toes are initially affected by a foot fungus infection, as the skin provides optimum growth conditions for athlete’s foot here. Contribute to this in addition to the natural perspiration also impermeable shoes and socks made of synthetic fibers that obstruct breathing of the feet and do not absorb moisture. In addition to tight shoes can cause pressure points and thus create the necessary for athlete’s foot entry doors. But even after prolonged swimming pool visit the skin is particularly sensitive for athlete’s foot, especially if it is subsequently fail to dry. Is it the athlete’s foot once managed to hold with its hyphae in the truest sense of the word foot, he can spread from untreated between the toes on the sole of the foot, and even up to the ankle. Besides burning and itching are athlete’s foot can also have an impact through increased scaling of the skin, tears and weeping sores. At least now should start with a treatment that must be performed consistently over the recommended period to reliably kill all fungi.

Prevent athlete’s foot, by appropriate means.

After the pool visit quickly keep your feet under the shower and disinfection before the danger has passed. But such showers as they were earlier in swimming pools duty only limited help. Because to kill fungal spores reliable, the shower should be used for several minutes. By contrast, only a short-term use, the skin is loaded. It is safer to wear slippers in areas where many people are like barefoot in the swimming pool. In addition, the feet, especially between the toes should be thoroughly dried after bathing, of course, only with your own towel. Also act preventively careful foot hygiene and wearing not too tight, breathable cotton socks and shoes.