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Care for blemished skin during puberty

Some teenagers it not true, but all the other violent. Not only the body changes and the vagaries, but also skin during puberty plays in adolescence often crazy and blackheads, pimples or acne can have a lasting effect on the skin.

Care for blemished skin From the physical changes during puberty, the skin is affected most teenagers. Due to the hormonal changes is often an impure problem skin smooth, delicate skin of children. Cause of these lesions are hormonally more working sebaceous glands, so that the skin appears slightly glossy particularly on the face and the hair is greasy faster. At the same time increase with the onset of puberty and the horn cells that form the top layer of skin. If these are not shed quickly enough, they can stick with the excess sebum and clog pores. The results are blackheads, which are recognizable as dark spots on the skin. If the sebaceous gland is clogged, may result from these harmless blackheads pimples and poplars form, commonly referred to as pimples. Depending on the severity and frequency of the various forms of acne pimples are of physicians to distinguish and treated with very different therapies.

Maintain impure skin properly.

In addition to prescribed by a dermatologist medicaments for the treatment of impure skin, especially skin care plays an important role in the therapy. The skin should be both morning and evening thoroughly cleaned. It recommended mild preparations that meet the specific needs at this time. After cleaning both the face and other affected areas of the skin such as cleavage, back or shoulders can be treated with a cleansing, purification adapted face water if necessary to also deeply to remove excess grease from the pores and simultaneously inhibit bacterial growth , Finally, the skin with an appropriate moisturizer or lotion should be supplied, which nourishes the skin and soothes. Special products for oily skin can heal this pimple quickly and soothe and disinfect at the same time. In addition, the skin care can be a complement to exfoliate twice a week. The top layer of skin is peeled off using mechanical particles or fruit acids, so sebum and keratin cells can be dissipated better. However, can cause skin irritation and make the skin look red and scaly excessive rubbing or too frequent applications.

Prohibited squeezing.

Just for teens the outward appearance and thus also a flawless complexion as possible is very important. Published a blackhead or pimple is underway to remove it. Instead itself to lay hands on the pimple, a beautician should rather be sought to avoid infection and scarring.