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Clean the ears with caution

Ear wax that sticks visible from the outside in the ear canal, not only looks unkempt, but can also lead to a blockage of the ear canal. But how can the ears clean properly without damaging the sensitive eardrum or the ear canal?

Clean the ears Although it is perceived by many people as disgusting, has ear wax, medically referred to as cerumen, important functions in the human ear canal. The yellowish wax produced by special glands in the ear canal not only keeps the delicate skin of the ear canal moist and supple, but also protects against infection and carries dead skin cells and invading particles of dirt from the ear. For this purpose, it is composed of various fats, soaps, oils and acids that give it a waxy consistency. In addition, earwax also receives the tympanic membrane supple, about the recorded from the ear, sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear.

Ears have a self-cleaning principle.

Normally clean the ears alone, because the produced earwax is transported by means of fine hairs on the movement of the jaw muscles of the ear canal. On its way it will not only dust and dead skin particles, but also makes invading pathogens such as bacteria harmless. His bitter taste and pungent smell also ensures that insects are quenched and not crawl into the ear canal. However, may be disturbed by the natural cleansing process of the ears. In addition to excessive ear wax production, it is mainly false or exaggerated cleaning measures, which can lead to problems with the ears. Generally not suitable for cleaning ears here are pointed objects such as hairpins etc. But the cotton swab used to like more harm than good, because often the earwax is thus not removed but only pushed deeper into the ear canal. They can also cause injury to the ear canal or the eardrum if they are wrong or too deeply into the ear canal.

Cleaning the ear will do just fine.

To avoid injury and ear cerumen impaction, the ear cleaning should be restricted to the outer ear cups. Thus it can be removed from the ear using a damp washcloth or a cotton swab soaked in baby oil excess ear wax. Also some warm water in the shower can help to liquefy the ear wax so that it flows out of the ear and then can dab lightly. If you have problems with too much earwax but a ear, nose and throat doctor should be consulted because only he can clean the ears properly without damaging the ear canal or eardrum.