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Correct inhalation clears the airways

What already knew Grandma, is now as then. Because if the nose drips and head is humming, acting hot water it gently and well. One reason to learn more about it.

Correct inhaling

Inhaling hot steam for coughs and colds has been preserved as a traditional remedy since time immemorial. Inhaling hot s steam clears the airways such as the nose and bronchi and relieve the unpleasant side effects in colds. It calls for the flow of nasal mucus, as well as the possibly fixed in the bronchial mucus. The aim is to facilitate expectoration of tenacious mucus and speed up the recovery process. Side effects when inhaled, are not expected to exclusively? Licher use of hot water em in general. Of course, it should be ensured that the water in a stable vascular is provided to avoid permanent burns.

Achieve cure with little ingredients.

To inhale it does not take much. Hot water, a bowl and a large towel or cloth it. Who can bear with it, can freely herbal additives or essential oils in the water tight. Also bronchial for rubbing in which loose end ingredients such as eucalyptus, peppermint or camphor are included, suitable for inhalation. Darfur is a 2 cm long strip of ointment with the hot water stir. Chamomile flowers moisturize the mucous membranes of the nose and paranasal sinuses and act besides, soothing to the bronchi. Peppermint oil, mountain pine, pine needle or eucalyptus oil have besides an antiseptic effect? Only refreshing effect. Only a few drops suffice to achieve the desired effect.
However, with essential oils caution should be exercised especially in pregnant women and young children and asthmatics.

Correct inhaling to achieve the best effect.

After hot it was placed in a bowl and, where appropriate, by additives water, prevents you look over the vascular ?, breathe to the water vapor. Who could intensify this process, a large down? It cloth or towel over the head so that the vascular is under the cover. The steam can not easily escape into the air and passes directly into the airways. During the procedure, which may last for approximately 5 to 10 minutes or as long as vapors rise should be further mogli waxed normal breathing. Is it ?, under the towel too hot, you should remove it for a moment from his head. More intense correct inhalation let be achieved using an inhaler. This tool will also prevents the eyes may be irritated by the addition of additives. The opening of the inhaler is only so big ?, that exclusively Lich can absorb the fine water vapor? Mouth and nose. Also burns are largely avoided. Therefore, it is advisable for all cases to have an inhaler at home.