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Enjoyment without regret: Healthy grilling

It is indisputably one of the Americans favorite hobbies in summer: grilling. The most common meat and sausage are placed on the grid, the relatively high in fat and – depending on the preparation – can develop cancer-causing agents. So, is it at all possible that healthy grilling pleasure?

Grilling VeggiesAmerican¬† are overweight million Americans have elevated cholesterol on – and millions of Americans love grilling. After all 80 percent of all American citizens indicate that they would like grilling. Whether in the garden or on the balcony: thirteen times per year the Americans¬† do this pastime goes to average. However, this preparation is actually so unhealthy as you call this regard suggests? According warnings grilled meat is highly carcinogenic and can be due to the saturated fatty acids abound therein cholesterol levels to skyrocket. As so often in life, it fits the Paracelsus’s Che guiding principle alone makes the amount of the poison.

The risks.

In fact, formed during the grilling process substances, which at least in animal experiments a high carcinogenic potential was detected. These include, for a so-called Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines (HAA short), which generally emerge during roasting, so also in the frying pan. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) – also known as benzopyrene – however, develop when marinade or fat dripping into the fire and burned. The bluish smoke which rises now passes either through the lungs, or through the consumption of the food in the body. Also nitrosamines are carcinogenic substances: They arise in highly heated cured or smoked meats and sausages. When it comes to cholesterol just preferred BBQ places like sausages or pork belly are rich in saturated fatty acids unfavorable. As for the once considered to be particularly harmful burned areas of sausage and Co. , one assumes today that they can even reduce the risk of cancer. As charcoal to bind harmful benzopyrene and ensure that it is excreted unabsorbed.

Tips for healthy enjoyment grill.

Who does not want to miss out on the grill outdoor pleasure and yet take no health risk, should observe some basic rules:

  • Use aluminum grill trays or foil to prevent fat dripping into the fire
  • Make charcoal before hanging meat thoroughly glow
  • Use lean meat as possible
  • Waive cured meats
  • Meat / Sausage not heat too high
  • Recent evidence indicates that reduce marinades with rosemary, thyme and /or garlic dangerous HAA effective

Fixed, low fat fish can be wrapped in aluminum foil excellent barbecue. Pronounced tasty is also grilled vegetables: mushrooms, eggplant or zucchini, peppers, corn on the cob or potatoes, marinated with olive oil and fresh herbs, provide healthy change on the grill. For dessert there’s always room: Great flavor in the dish grilled banana with honey and vanilla ice cream. Bon Appetite!