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First aid kit – important in other European countries

That no one wants to become a sick, is obvious. Who gets caught anyway, can also take on holiday in most European countries, a good to excellent health care services.

First aid kit Not only in the tropics, but also when traveling within Europe are infections can not be excluded, for example by unfamiliar food or air conditioning related cold. Although medical care in many European countries is comparable to the American, the purchase of OTC agents can be difficult.  It is not always easy to find a pharmacy and if the usual drugs are not available or are called local. Moreover, in many countries, the leaflet due to the language barrier is an insurmountable obstacle. In order to avoid these problems, should therefore be guessed at the holiday preparation of a well-equipped first aid kit.

General tips for first-aid kit.

Basically, a first aid kit should also be equipped with traveling abroad with all essential medicines. The first of these individually necessary medication that must be taken due to illness daily. Care must be taken that there is sufficient, especially with prescription agents. When traveling by air, some funds should also be carried in hand pastry, so that even when the case is late, the usual intake must not be interrupted. For some drugs, such as suppositories also special storage precautions apply. So suppositories melt above 25 ° Celsius and therefore must be kept refrigerated. Prior to travel, and the durability of all drugs should of course be checked to avoid nasty surprises at the resort.

Basic and ancillary equipment.

The basic equipment of every first aid kit includes both a disinfectant and bandages, thermometer and fever and pain killers. In addition, drugs against the most common diseases such as diarrhea, constipation, motion sickness, colds and bruises or sprains should be included. Especially in the summer time are also insect repellents and sunscreens indispensable. Useful medications for allergic reactions, for example, to a mosquito bite can be in this context. It should be generally determined based only on proven products at all costs, because the holiday is certainly not the best time to try new medications. In addition, the first aid kit to the individual needs and the destination must be adjusted. So requires a farmhouse or camping certainly other precautionary measures as a city break or a holiday hotel. If you are prone to certain ailments such as allergies, fungal infection or herpes, your kit should be fitted with related drugs accordingly in addition.