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Fit and healthy through the winter

For some, winter is the best season – skiing, tobogganing and sledding. But winter also means short days, long nights and cold wet just in our part of bad weather, as these days. With some tips, however, you can adapt to the dark season and stay healthy through the winter.

Healthy through the winterMorning on the way to work it is still dark and evening on the way back, it’s dark again, no wonder that the long nights wear you down. Therefore, many people just feel tired and less fit in winter than in summer. Cause include the hormones. Thus, the human body produces in the dark, especially the sleep hormone melatonin tired-making. In daylight, however, serotonin is produced, a hormone that lifts the mood and is therefore also known as happiness hormone. To increase the winter naturally low levels of serotonin, the body develops especially in the dark season an unfavorable for the figure cravings for sweets. Remedy is a walk in daylight. For example, enough already lunch outdoors in order to improve the mood considerably, and no calories. In cases of persistent low mood light therapy with white, UV-free light can also help to drive away winter blues.

The body is a particular challenge in winter.

But not only for the psyche, but also for the body of the winter is a particular challenge. So he has to adjust outside and dry heat inside the constant change of cold. This is especially the warm air heater to the mucous membranes, they dry out and can fulfill their natural defense function against invading viruses and bacteria, not always. It is particularly important now is to ensure adequate hydration. In addition, of course, diet plays an important role for a functioning immune system and therefore the health. If fruit and vegetables in winter dont be missing on the menu and reasonable movement in clothing ensures that you get fit and healthy through the winter.