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Good intent beginning of the year – healthy without cigarettes

Many take the start in the new year the good intention to live smoke-free from now on. In order to succeed, it is important to tune soon enough for the time without cigarettes.

Stop smokeSmoking is not healthy. The really knows everyone and yet many people catch a variety of reasons to smoking. Once you are addicted of this addiction, it is hard to escape it again. The alleged promise, the consumption of cigarettes would, inter alia, be helpful in stress or even open the door to human sociability, is more deceptive. Although the cigarette in some situations may be something in the truest sense of the word, what you can hold on to. But the insidiousness of the short-term inhalation of cigarette smoke is not only to be back soon want to smoke another cigarette, but the effects, which is only noticed later years. Habitual smoking also damages the mucous membranes and is responsible for numerous cancers per year.

For health reasons – no more cigarettes.

At no time, the opportunities for education and information on the health consequences of smoking were as comprehensive as it is today. Digital technology makes it possible to take a look at the body. In this way, by smoking-induced changes affected organs such as the lungs, are clearly illustrated. Decades of inhalation of cigarette smoke affects the cilia so strong that they are ultimately no longer able to fulfill their cleaning function of the bronchi sufficient. First signs can be frequent respiratory infections, bronchitis, or so-called smoker’s cough. Not to be taken seriously enough are long-term consequences, such as the leg or smoking the risk of lung cancer.

Are non smoking is not difficult – to stay but very.

Despite all the health hazards – the decision to quit smoking, begins in the head and it requires a strong will. Few manage to leave suddenly are the fags overnight. Many require, in fact, a date on which they wish to implement their plans. Popular intentions for the new year is therefore part of the decision to quit smoking. But it is important to be prepared. Avoid unnecessary stress – especially in the initial phase of the amplified pulse to reach for a cigarette. Take a few relaxing hours, as in the sauna. Avoid situations that you associate with cigarette smoking. athletic, however, awakens our endorphins and helps to counteract the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. For some, already auxiliaries, such as an ear-acupuncture have been proven. Other falls withdrawal easier when initially nicotine gum be taken. Do not worry: Although the first few days are the worst, but with each passing day recovered the lungs. The circulation is stimulated and the taste buds are literally re-activated. The food tastes better and take intense smell was.