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Hair loss in women

Although hair loss is a male problem seems to be mainly, many women are affected by the same problem. As a beautiful and full mane of the main female beauty icons is, hair loss can be a serious psychological problem in women.

Hair lossThe most common reason in men and women of the system-related hair loss, androgenetic alopecia is medically called. This also occurs in the female body because of male sex hormone, testosterone which binds to the cells of the hair roots, is converted into its biologically active form. For many people, the hair roots are hypersensitive to DHT and eventually die. Women are usually well protected by the female sex hormone estrogen, but this may abruptly change with the onset of menopause.

The cause of the localized circular hair loss stress-related and autoimmune disorder. The diffuse hair loss is typical for women and often occurs after a pregnancy when the hormone system returns to normal. Also, thyroid disease, malnutrition, stress, infections and drugs, come us into question as potential causes.

Use the limited opportunities quickly.

Supposed miracle cure for hair loss, there are many, but unfortunately very few are effective. While diffuse hair loss can be treated according to its causal underlying disease or the circular hair loss sometimes disappear on its own, plant-related hair loss is the most difficult to treat. Drugs which inhibit the formation of DHT, can sometimes have serious side effects. Medicines used internally the normally used to treat high blood pressure and they medically backed. While topical preparations estrogen-containing agents are controversial. In any case, fast action is needed because once not grow it is dead hair roots.