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Happy new year – with more zest for life

Probably exists in every human desire, full of energy, optimism and joy to go through life. In the spring we experience these emotional states often – first rays of the sun and the awakening natural rub off on our mind. But how can the longed zest for life will last a lifetime?

Zest for lifeContentment, serenity, even happiness – anyone can think of anything under these terms. Describe this kind feelings, however, can be difficult, especially since they are perceived individually different. The triggers are different: Positive events, enriching encounters or experiences of nature are just a few of the many ways to create a deep sense of wellbeing. However, this requires a internal readiness to embark on beautiful things. Who is always looking for the hook on any matter or herself admits no joyful experience, is more capable of experiencing life frustration than joy of life.

In search of the lost Joy.

In any case, a hindrance to the feeling of joy from life are negative thoughts. Who constantly worried, anxious goes through life itself overwhelmed with reproaches and disregard their own needs, can not have a life-affirming attitude. Although a positive attitude can not be forced, but can the causes of lack of satisfaction very well be actively explored. Key questions that you are – preferably in writing – should ask are:

  • What bothered me most at the moment? Which people in my environment, situations, thoughts trouble me?
  • Are there any issues or circumstances in which I myself do me a hard time?

Already this close look at their own life situation can provide valuable insights. Following solutions should be sought, possibly with external support – whether by the partner, be it by means of a therapist.

More zest for life can be learned.

First, you should be aware that your own life is finite. So why waste the valuable time with negative energies? Those who benefit – whether a good book, a walk, a meal or a conversation – nourishes the same time his zest for life. The topic of gratitude plays a role: If you get to appreciate little things, the own focus is aware of the positive areas, you will be satisfied.

Of great importance are both regular exercise and relaxation; affects both beneficial effect on well-being. Also smiles and laughter let the life energy flow and have proven to be the prevailing mood. Of course you should be choosy, especially in the leisure and surround yourself with people and things, in whose company you feel good. Here it is important to consider your needs as the measure of all things, quasi yourself to be the best friend and to address all weaknesses and errors – often this is already the most important key to greater enjoyment of life.