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Healthy gifts for the gift table

It’s almost that time again, Christmas is coming. By the beginning of Advent weeks is as every year, the question of a suitable gift for family, friends, parents … Why do not give well-being? Here are some tips for healthy gifts for Christmas.

Healthy gifts for ChristmasAfter her greatest wish interviewed, there are no cars, watches and other luxury goods, according to which the Americans most crave: More than three quarters of all respondents say they are lucky you did when you stay physically and mentally healthy. Against this background it is not surprising that presents the topics of well-being and fitness are becoming increasingly popular. Among the classic gifts include vouchers for visits to leisure pool or sauna, but also for massage or Shiatsu treatments. A tip is floating, which is available in major cities: this is a relaxation process in which one floats in a small pool full of highly concentrated salt water. Thanks to the shielding of external stimuli and the “zero gravity” can be obtained a deep sleep.

Gifts for beauty and care.

High-quality care products for the skin are often more expensive and great gifts for Christmas. Whether hand balm, body lotion or shaving cream: This presents cultivate the body, caress your soul and thus contribute to a healthy self-esteem. A fragrant bath additive or an aromatic massage oil  for the loved ones perhaps in conjunction with a gift voucher for a soothing back massage – fits everywhere. The classical wellness products include hot water bottles for cozy feet or relief of abdominal pain. They are available in different variants for adults and children. Creative can buy a copy without reference, this knit itself and so give a very personal kind. Even hand-knitted scarf and hat or stockings are great gifts that enhance well-being.

Culinary and time!

Anyone who loves to cook and enjoys would be too sure about appropriate ingredients and utensils. A healthy alternative to alcohol and chocolates are not only aromatic teas and exotic herbs or special oils – for example, in a decorative bottle. A particularly valuable asset of our day’s time; almost everyone has them too little. So if you want to make an extraordinary joy loved ones, may give joint activities. With Grandma working together in the garden, a picnic at the lake with the family, skating, kite flying, a movie night with your best friend … the sky is the limit. Such gifts are not only good on the wallet, but also promote the physical and mental well-being – after all, stable social relationships have been shown to positively affect the health. In this spirit: Happy, healthy Christmas !