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Helpful tips against the annual spring fatigue

Might make you feel lately constantly sleep deprived and listless? Paradoxical but true: Hardly wake up, light and life out of hibernation, torment us circulatory problems, constant fatigue and increased susceptibility to infection. However, these symptoms are normal at this season, and are commonly referred to as “spring fatigue”.

Spring fatigueIt is estimated that half of all people in our latitudes feels right now, when the days are finally getting longer and the temperatures rise inexplicably constantly tired and listless. And although the reasons for the spring fatigue are not yet precisely known, climate researchers and doctors now agree that is primarily of relevance in the light. Light has a decisive effect on two different substances in our body. So our bodies increasingly forming the so-called “feel-good” hormone serotonin in the light. Simultaneously with the formation of the light tired-making melatonin is reduced. In this case, our body needs some time to find its natural balance and responsive to the confusion with the symptoms of spring fever.

Other causes of spring fever.

In addition to the light also impact the frequent changes in temperature in the spring on the organism. Expansion at warm temperatures, the blood vessels, can lead to a drop in blood pressure and therefore fatigue. In addition, after the long dark winter months, the immune system is exhausted. And especially in winter it is little fruit and vegetables are on the menu, so that an insufficient supply of vitamins and minerals make our bodies exhausting and he now calls for regeneration.

How you can help your body now:

  • Instead of heavy, high-fat winter dishes you can now feed your body with fresh fruit and vegetables, to make up the lack of vitamins and minerals. You should also remember about an adequate fluid intake.
  • Through exercise in the fresh air, the body can be refuel of sunlight. Simultaneously, the circulation is stimulated, thus facilitating the transition to the new season.
  • Even though the days are not significantly longer sleep you need enough because when you sleep, the body regenerates best. If you are plagued by insomnia, try often have a short evening walk and a block on the bedside table, on which you can keep persistent thoughts.
  • Cold showers or alternating showers in the morning embolden and stimulate the circulation.
  • If you still have a few days holiday, you can overcome the spring fatigue by a trip to the sunny south or a skiing holiday in a pleasant way.
  • However, holds the spring fatigue on longer and you feel constantly irritated, tired and depressed, you should seek medical attention, as can also hide a serious disease behind the symptoms.