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Hemorrhoids: a painful taboo

Almost one in three Americans is suffering from hemorrhoids. For many it is uncomfortable to talk to a doctor about the problems and even in your family or friends are hemorrhoids a taboo subject, often is therefore too late searched for help and complaints are intensifying.

HemorrhoidsBasically, everyone has hemorrhoids, but they do not always cause discomfort. Here, a dense network of veins is referred to as hemorrhoids, which is covered by mucosa and is located directly in front of the anus. Together with the sphincter, it ensures that the intestine is sealed to the outside. Only when the veins enlarge it comes to complaints, which are called hemorrhoids or popularly known as hemorrhoids. The occurrence of hemorrhoids it is favored by a hereditary connective tissue, obesity, pregnancy and age. In addition promote especially wrong diet and lifestyle low in fiber, irregular meals and lack of movement, the emergence of hemorrhoids. These habits can be the cause of constipation, which. In combination with strong straining during bowel movements, so that eventually lead to an extension of the hemorrhoidal vessels and hemorrhoids.

If left untreated, bowel incontinence be the result.

When making the early stages of hemorrhoids are rarely noticeable, it comes with a promotion suffering from symptoms such as itching, burning and pain during bowel movements. There are also traces of blood in the stool or toilet paper. Larger units may also cause a feeling of a foreign body or arise during defecation colon. First, they pull, not to mention later only to push it back manually. In advanced stages of sliding back, not finally no longer possible, which can cause severe pain and often fecal incontinence. But as far as it does not come when the time is overcome with shame, and starts processing. Here, the treatment depends on the severity of hemorrhoids. Although originally bath administration, ointments, suppositories, and flushing of individual hemorrhoids can relieve symptoms, with progressive disease, usually only the configuration or the surgical removal of hemorrhoids enlarged possible.

Prevention through healthy lifestyle.

Although hemorrhoids with different treatments can alleviate or remove, without a healthy lifestyle can always reform. In order to achieve long-term success, therefore influenced causes such as an unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and low consumption rates need to be changed. Thus, a high-fiber diet with whole grains, fruits and vegetables can already help to facilitate defecation and to avoid unnecessary presses. Drink plenty of liquids helps the positive effect of dietary fiber. On the other hand should be avoided meals, sweets, pure wheat flour products. In addition to the diet of course regular exercise has a positive effect on digestion and thus a symptom free bowel movement.