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How does the heart rate variability influence on our physical and mental state?

More and more studies show that the measurement of heart rate variability is an important tool for measuring of our physical and mental health. But what it’s exactly- the heart rate variability? And how can they be trained?heart rate variability

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the ability of the organism to change the frequency of the heart rhythm. In a healthy person constantly occur changes in the heart rate, depending on internal and external factors: sleep, breathing, stress or relaxation. Heart rate variability is a measure of the adaptability of the body to the respective conditions.

The measurement of the heart rate variability provides important information on the vegetative and psychological adaptability of an organism. If the heart rate variability permanently reduced, this is not only a sign of physical, but also mental overload.

With chronic stress, the variability of the heart rate is often permanently lowered, that is, the body can be less well adapted to the circumstances. A study has also revealed that already low pronounced depression accompanied by a limited heart rate variability. The researchers suggest that this may be the reason for the increased cardiovascular mortality in patients with depression.

Positive feelings synchronize heart and respiration.

A measure of relaxation is the conformity between heart rhythm and respiratory rate. It has been found, that in positive emotional responses, such as love or gratitude, a measurable synchronization of rhythms of heart and respiration occurs, which disappears in stress, anger or anxiety. By using biofeedback methods they can train themselves.

The HRV biofeedback is used for some time as a coaching method or complementary medical method, in particular in the treatment of stress, heart disease, anxiety disorders or insomnia. Improving of the coherence between the breathing and heart can help with reducing of tensions and contribute to calmly react in everyday life. This mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques or guided imagination in conjunction with the activation particularly positive sensations can be used.

For some time HRV biofeedback is also used successfully in workplace health promotion. In a relatively short time stressed employees can improve their relaxation and concentration. The autonomic balance between breathing and heartbeat increases and the individual perception of stress drops.