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Hygiene in traveling – healthy on holiday

Whether contaminated water, unclean toilets or spoiled food service areas in restaurants or at the hotel buffet: many holiday destinations can be desired in terms of hygiene left. One considers, however, simple rules, pathogens have no chance.

Travel HygieneThe issue of hygiene in traveling in modern society takes a large value. Accordingly, many vacationers are worried about their health – especially against travel to exotic climes. Completely unfounded fears are not: Especially in hot countries romp pathogens to which our digestive system is not used in tap water and food. In addition, foreign foods and spices burden on the gastrointestinal tract. Although exaggerated panic from parasites, bacteria and viruses is unfounded, but provides a degree of caution is still the best prevention is depending on the holiday destination vaccines against various pathogens such as malaria, yellow fever or typhoid are recommended.  Detailed information can be obtained physicians, health departments or Tropical Institute.

Disease-causing germs in food.

It is estimated that half of all travelers ill during his vacation – many of them in gastrointestinal infections. Classic polluters are Salmonella, which occur in raw eggs, but also coli bacteria such as Escherichia coli, which are located in feces-contaminated drinking water or food and to make us sick by the fecal-oral transmission. Pathogens such as campylobacter, which are transmitted through raw milk products or inadequately heated poultry meat also cause severe crushing diarrhea. Inadequate cooling or improper storage promotes the growth of disease-causing germs – especially in combination with high humidity and high temperatures. Effective preparations against diarrhea, which should be in every first aid kit, bring relief and can save the holiday by different mechanisms in the truest sense of the word. The dangerous thing Gastrointestinal disease is the loss of fluid that has to be compensated by drinking. Retired salts can be supplied using special electrolyte preparations with sodium and potassium salts.

Important hygiene and dietary rules.

The risk of disease can be minimized significantly, one notices some basic rules of hygiene. the classic “Cook it, boil it, peel it or forget it”, so “it brate, cook it, peel it or forget it” for example, is still useful: Heat kills pathogens effectively from; possible bacteria on raw fruits are removed simultaneously with the removal of the shell. Other recommendations for a healthy holiday are:

  • Boil tap water before consumption (tea and coffee are fine)
  • Teeth with bottled water clean
  • On ice (tap water) waive
  • Raw meat, fish and eggs as possible avoid
  • Exclusively self-peeled fruit eating
  • Consume any food at hotel buffets that are kept warm long
  • Wash hands regularly (no used towels to use) or with disinfectant to clean
  • In ice, dairy and frozen food if possible make sure that the cold chain is not interrupted

Who makes these principles consistently result keeps germs at bay and enjoy his vacation trip – not sick in the shady hotel room, but healthy in the summer sun.