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If you leave hair in the spring …

Hair is much more than just decorating. For men and women they are signs of youth and health. No wonder, then, that just hair loss can grow into a real burden that raises many questions. Often in the spring, whan you start leave hair.

Hair lossAround five million hair man has on his head. On average there are less at redheads, while blonde can look forward to more hair. For blonde hair is fine. The darker the hair, the thicker it gets. Total hair grow throughout life. However, the single hair has a limited life span of two to six years. During this time it is growing every day a little less than half a millimeter, but not consistently. At the end of its life, the hair does not grow a few months and then falls out when the next hair grows back. Hair loss is basically not pathological. Up to 150 hairs fall out per day, without the hair there be lights. Normally, in any event, with about 12 million people in America including that they fail more hair than grow.

Reasons for hair loss.

Not every hair falls out, because his life is over. In fact, there are a number of possible causes that can provide hair loss. this includes toxic trigger, but also hormonal fluctuations and natural diseases, where the hair loss is a side effect. The typical full “moulting”, as it exists in the animal kingdom between seasons, does not occur in humans. However, there are abnormalities observed especially in spring and autumn. However, the observation of increased hair loss is often subjective. In particular, long-haired women who do not wash your hair every day, suspect a hair loss when brushing her hair after cleansing. In fact, it only solve hair whose life is over and the just are not failed yet.

Different types of hair loss.

There are two types of hair loss that can affect men and women. So the hair may simply be lights or it falls into tufts of which can lead to a lack of hair in different places. If, under a medication to a whatsoever hair loss, the doctor must be consulted on the known side effects. Normally the hair grow back quickly. This also applies to the temporarily increased hair shedding for changing seasons. If the consequences are not too strong, it is sufficient to be seen to eat healthy and to avoid unnecessary stress. If the failure threatening, a dermatologist can draw some healthy hair and research by examining the hair roots for possible causes.